Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 Biafra: Igbos I Warned You About Ijaws

I have been telling Igbos to leave Ijaws alone and they refuse now I hope you see your lives now? just like as I have always predicted the Ijaws are not ready for freedom, their envy and hate for the Igbo man's is their issue and I have written about this telling Ijaws not to Compare themselves to Igbos

To Igbos screaming unity with Ijaws shebi una see una life, I was listening to asari dokubo and he said what caused disagreement between him and Kanu is because he told Kanu he wants Igbos/Biafrans to use election and remove the Fulanis to get Biafra, lol. Is asari OK in the head? you want to use election and remove Fulanis, did he not see what they did to his brother Goodluck Jonathan  They are Ijaws I warned you all they can never be trusted and you heard it straight from the mouth of the chief traitor himself Edwin Clark, I told you people already about Ijaws the links are below











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