Friday, July 30, 2021

Biafra: Igbos Stop Speaking For The Tribes Outside Our 5states

This struggle has gotten  to the level  of negotiation  and we must accept 5 states if it's on the table and I tell you we can start a country with 5 states and just listen, we must not make the mistake of Palestine, I wrote about it here

Our brothers outside 5 states would now agitate and ask for a referendum and then we in the 5 states would support and make sure it is free and fair and those tribes outside our 5 states can decide if they want to join their Igbo brothers and we shall enjoy equal  rights and we in the 5 states still would support you to have a referendum to form your respective countries if that is what you want, don't let anyone fool you Vanuatu is a country with the population of 400k people, Igbos would be here to make sure everything is free and fair

For the Igbo man, it is live and let live the sky is bigger enough for us all, we just want freedom our forefathers died for this and look at Nigeria today, look there no story that you can give me, I want freedom.

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