Wednesday, July 28, 2021

 Biafra Ijaw Name: Asari Dokubo Embarrassed by Reuben Abati

Most times I always wonder if Ijaws read? What is the educational knowledge amongst the Ijaw people? Because I am always confused and I ask myself do these people read.

I mean it is all on the Internet, first, they came with Ojukwu killed boro and I destroyed that lie here and you would never hear Ijaws say it anymore, a simple Google search would have cured them of this self-inflicted ignorance, Ijaws go on Google type who killed Adaka Boro. There you would discover it was the Fulanis and not Ojukwu like your elders made you believe

You saw the trending topic about asari saying the word Biafra belongs to the Ijaws and I laugh a simple Google search would have cured him, it is that asari doesn't read? Why did he come on air and embarrass himself?

Ijaws Biafra is not an Ijaw name, Biafra is a Portuguese name, it was named after a town in Portugal, see the screenshot and watch asari embarrass himself, and Reuben Abati schooled him.

Ijaws internet is free as long as you have data please use it to avoid embarrassing your tribe and it is funny asari dokubo even has Igbo blood.

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