Monday, July 19, 2021

Biafra: We Are Fighting Rich People With Billions To Spend

I was thinking of something now there are Igbo people with business interest in Igbo land and in the North like in Abuja do you really think they would want Nigeria to break up? Look this freedom fight is not a joke and we need to sit up, we are facing people with billions of naira ready to spent money.

For real, some Igbos have a hand in the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu because he is against their greedy interest, those men want us to keep suffering because they have a business in Abuja we won't take that nonsense, this heaven would fall and everything would go down, If you don't give us our freedom, you have no right to choose for me and I am not stopping you from doing your business with Fulanis.

Look at what happened at cubana place people fighting for money, don't you think those people with money can buy the people?even Dangote would be spending money to stop Biafra and yoruba ntion

Close your eyes and picture every rich Igbo man you know that have interest in Abuja and let's say Lagos but I trust the Yorubas your business is safe in Yoruba nation and not Nigeria because Fulanis control the police and army and look at what they did at lapido, ask your self if those rich men you pictured are for Biafra or for one Nigeria? we know we might have angel investors in this struggle and it would be someone you won't even expect, yea I am intelligent enough and smart enough to know that but the majority of the rich that would support Biafra might be 50%, there are some that want one Nigeria eg hopeless Uzoadinma

For example, Yoruba nation Tinubu has billions of naira and he controls 50% of Yoruba land because Lagos is the main engine of Yoruba land and that is why Tinubu can kill you for it so you just be ready and be willing to fight back, Tinubu would still want one Nigeria for now unless maybe after 2023.

This fight is against the world and Kanu himself always say it, we are fighting against the world OK let me tell you, UK, USA, Eu, and China and some African countries like Cameroon that won't mind sending their army, you heard people that invaded Sunday Igbohos House were speaking French and then Nigerian armed forces and then police plus Fulanis and then some Nigerians from other tribes and then from your own tribe, so we are fighting everyone and we must be serious about this and no going back.





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