Thursday, July 22, 2021

Biafra;Exposing 2 Igbo Money Hungry Hypocrites Ijele And Dike

When I was doing research about which pro-Biafran group to join I came across this boy called ijele, but I knew of dike when he converted to Islam and then ran away. Lol. Why did ipob allow such a mentally unstable man to join them?

When ijele started I liked what he used to say, as a smart man I listen to all sides so I can take notes, but I was disgusted the day ijele told us that he is an APC member and then I knew the man is a hypocrite and he's got no principles, I would rather join ypp.

These boys are money-hungry zombies looking for how to make money from politicians, just recently dike says he wants to join IYC because he knows he can get money from there, what is wrong with you fools, you have no principles and you stand for nothing.

They are rats hiding in Abuja criticizing ipob and Kanu daily while they are trying to do the same thing that they are calling Kanu out for, how do you go from a freedom fighter to Fulani supporter?

Those 2boys have no shame and a smart man would have formed his own Biafran group and fight for freedom but look at them campaigning for one Nigeria, why did you join the Biafran struggle if you wanted one Nigeria? after 60yrs no electricity and you are telling me of one nigeria

They are greedy men that got kicked out of ipob and now they are mad because they can't chop money anymore, let me give you some history, go and read how Fulanis used gowon, js tarka, zik, awo, boro, ty danjuma and recently oyinlola

Worse part even dike can't take criticism because the fool blocked me on Facebook. Lol

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