Sunday, July 25, 2021

 Biafra: Open Letter To Edo people

I didn't even want to write it but I was in my house chilling and youtube on my TV is playing and this song from The legend popped in Majek and that was when I realized that the man is from Edo state the song is titled is Akugbe, a cool song with a very nice video.

If there is one tribe that should not even be going back and forth with Igbos are the people from Edo state, come on we have no problems with you people and I wonder why you are trying so hard to have a problem with us? Look the Biafran subject is a very sensitive one so please if you can't support us stay away from the topic, it's Biafra, almost 5million people died for that name, feel free to debate about Biafra but don't insult us, insult us with any other thing but leave Biafra alone, it is not funny at all and with that been said I have never seen myself having issues with people from Edo state we are alike only difference is the language we all know Igbos and Edos and Yorubas as the loudest abroad, don't behave like Fulanis arguing about some petty traditional crap, no Igbo man can be the OBA of Benin so be calm.

Igbos always have a sense of unity when they are outside Igbo land and that is why they have ezes but in reality, Igbos have no king and we bow to no man, eze means nothing to us, if eze do anyhow e go see anyhow, eze is just a figurehead and you know we Igbos have an egalitarian society and we respect our elders but we don't allow slavery.

Be calm eze means nothing, we are in 2021 for goodness sakes, our generation can be smarter than this and especially you  that live abroad

Please this is very important Igbos don't want you in Biafra, for me I am a Supporter of 5igbo states because I don't have the like to beg anyone, we are not stopping you from staying in Nigeria be free to do whatever you like but you can't force me to stay with you in Nigeria and remember it would favor you more because we are neighbors, Fulanis are far away and we even have a lot in common. Please if you can support us for our Biafra fine but be neutral so that history can be kind to you, we must not repeat what happened in 1967 and remember like it or not Nigeria must break and Nigeria is breaking and nothing can stop this free fall. Thank you for your time

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