Friday, July 30, 2021

Biafra: When Would We Give Britain The Iranian Treatment? 

My girlfriend was mocking me saying how can they just arrest Kanu like that and there is no protest or anything and I was laughing I told her to calm down but deep inside me, I know we messed up.

I blame the DOS of  Ipob for this, Kanu's capture caught us by surprise, DOS of Ipob should have raised an alarm when they didn't hear from Kanu for 8 days, those fools in DOS  messed up and I wonder why some of them are still keeping their jobs. It was a breach and a very big one.

Britain has been FFing us since 1967,they supplied the arms that Nigeria used to kill us,always remember,don't let them confuse you with visas and asylum.

The UK used to control Iran and all their oil until the Iranians got fed up and chased them away and the UK went to call their boss the USA to help them and it failed and the Iranians busted the USA embassy and seized Americans yes they did. So I ask is it not time to give Britain the Iranian treatment?

 I told you all we must keep Britain away from Biafra land I wrote about it here because their sins can't be forgiven, they betrayed it in 1967 and again in 2021, if you think they didn't hand Kanu over to Nigeria then you must be sleeping on a skateboard.

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