Thursday, July 22, 2021

 Biafra: Why Ipob Must Start Using Cryptocurrency

Ipob need critical thinkers, this is 2021 and we must adapt, I was reading the memo below on how an account that was set up for ESN in the USA was blocked by some people and thereby making our hero's in the bush starve, this is wrong

I was listening to one of Kanu's preaching and someone called and suggested crypto and Kanu refused well DOS of Ipob now is the time to look into it again and I can give you private details on the best way to do it.

People need to donate with crypto and it would be anonymous and everyone can donate, we need to be smart now and evolve with the digital world, we can't be moving money through traditional banks anymore and with crypto, everyone can contribute to the struggle and DOS of Ipob you can reach out to me so I can give you more details privately, please share so it can get to the DOS of Ipob, imagine how much that was blocked in the account meant to feed our ESN warriors, please we have to act smart and fast now.

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