Wednesday, July 28, 2021

 BNL: Ijaws Your Adaka Boro Niger Delta Republic Is Dead Move On

According to the leader of the Biafra Nations League, BNL, he berated Edwin Clark the Ijaw traitor for saying they can stop any Niger delta tribe from joining Biafra.

I always wonder what gives Ijaws this kind of liver? Is it the militants that give Ijaws liver? Lol

Ijaws are fighting all tribes for land because they have no land from ondo, edo, akwa ibom, delta., rivers, and even Bayelsa state they don't fully own it

I am happy because finally Ijaws would be left alone and we can have a deal with other tribes in the Niger Delta region, Ijaws can go and have an Ijaw nation.

Ijaws read my lips adaka boro Niger delta Republic is dead..buried

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