Sunday, July 18, 2021

Cubana: Igbos Are The kings of Show biz in Nigeria they take it to another level

let me ask how did this Cubana issue start a tribal war in Nigeria

We know all tribes in Nigeria love show biz but Igbos take it to another level and If you don't know what Cubana did was show biz then you must be sleeping on a skateboard one thing that I am against is doing your show biz on dusty and potholes filled roads and I am also against the way we worship money as Igbos.

Igbos can take their show biz to the level that would bring hate to them from other tribes in Nigeria that already hate us, lol. but this is actually why we are asking for Biafra anyways, Igbos are freedom lovers so we can do whatever we want in our country and can sort ourselves out. 

Don't hate the Igbo man God made us this way and blessed us but the Internet is making everything go viral remember there is massive poverty in the land courtesy of the APC government and their dullard in chief the 1983 failure called Buhari. people now see Internet wealth as their way to make it in life, WAKE is show biz

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