Monday, July 19, 2021

  Obi Cubana: Now Let The Race For Fast Money Begin

Just like what I said that many people would end up in jail or dead or some might be lucky after the Cubana show biz, yes it is called show biz something many of you money hungry zombies know nothing about.

Now that the burial is over, I see a mad race by money-loving zombies to make money fast, some would be planning to Rob, some to scam and some to steal and some to do voodoo to hook their rich men, yes I know I see you all, some would want to do blood money to get it fast, save your money don't make any dibia rich, even bandits would want to kidnap more after seeing Cubana. lol, yes Fulanis have internet lol, I see all of you.

Thank God I purged myself from the money worshipping disease and I am a free man and I was not even moved by what Cubana did, make una take am easy sha. Life na jeje.

Don't rush before your time, please don't kill anyone because of money I know I am talking to someone have a rethink

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