Wednesday, July 21, 2021

 Dear Nigerian Governors What Would You Be Remembered For

I am a person with principles and if you like pay me 1 billion I can never support Buhari, not now and not ever, unless he can go back in time and change what he did during his military regime let me not even talk about what he did in 1966-1970.

We must all remember not to sell our principles because if you do then you would live to regret it, our politicians lack principles that is why we have Buhari today, I say the man should have been banned from ever holding political office this man has no business near power and you can ask IBB. 

Governors must always put their legacy first, what would you be remembered for, do you want to be like hopeless Uzoadinma that would be remembered for bringing the Fulani army to kill his own people and even threatened on video to bomb his own people, even the USA is talking to the Taliban today, who are you that you can't talk to ipob, wike, for example, would forever be remembered as little Hitler, very brutal dictator. He is a killer, I wrote about it here Sanwoolu would be remembered as a killer, we all remember lekki toll gate, they killed people, i mean innocent people.

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