Wednesday, July 21, 2021

 Ijaw Hypocrisy: Asari Dokubo Says Gunshot Gets Things Done

Watch the video and listen to asari dokubo he says gunshot gets things done and that was why he parted ways with IYC and formed his own organization and I ask  this same man that said gunshot gets things done faster is now against Nnamdi Kanu? Who chose the gun to defend his people against the killer herdsmen?

And now this same asari that says gunshot gets things done is now with the one that says non-violence Uwazurike, so I don't understand the way some people reason and they have no principle and ideology, why did Uwazurike support a violent man like asari and he is against Nnamdi Kanu defending his people?asari said we should get Biafra by voting out, this is why freedom fighters should not be politicians

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