Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ironsi, Fajuyi Killing: Was The Nzeogwu Coup Of 1966  Justified

I don't support the killing of innocent people but we must remember events that lead to the coup and it was not an Igbo coup according to Adewale Ademoyega and many people would say the Igbos started it no they didn't and also remember the Ahmadu Bellos video below

Adewale Ademoyega member of the trio that formed the coup, published his book Why We Struck in 1981 in Nigeria in which he mentioned:

" There was no decision at our meeting to single out any ethnic group for elimination. Our intentions were honourable, our views were national and our goals were idealistic. Even those earmarked for arrest, four were northerners, two were Westerners and two were Easterners. "

I saw some comments online so read and these comments were many years ago.

4 years ago

If he had not struck when he did with his boys, I believe the country would have disintegrated into multiple civil wars. The political climate was very sectional and sadly the same elements exist today. He wanted to weave the fabric of the nation together by removing nepotism and ethnic divide, we know his boys agreed with him if not they could have shot. Sad the whole thing unraveled and led to the marginalization the Igbos still experience today in Nigeria. 

7 years ago

In 1963, the census was massively rigged to favor one region against the others. The general election was massively rigged in 1964 general election and the last straw that broke the camels back was the 1965 western region election crisis (operation wetiee) which almost degenerated the region into a state of anarchy. Most of these misdeeds were been perpetrated by the federal govt just like we have it today in Nigeria. Most of the leaders of the opposition party were jailed for treasonable felony. 

9 years ago

The Igbos were first massacred in Bukuru, Jos in 1945 and in Kano in 1953. No one as it subsequently happened was brought to book by this incited genocide that has become a Northern Nigerian trend. Rigging elections, undermining the census, and brutally crushing civil dissent with the military to the toll of 3,000 lives in Tiv land, undermining democracy in the West costing more than 2,000 lives all initiatives of northern leaders and their colonial masters deserve something worse than death. 

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