Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Is The Southern Part Of Nigeria Cursed To Suffer Under The Fulani Led Northern Nigeria

Shame on you people and if you don't do what is right, your children would never forgive you southern Nigerian fools.

Imagine Fulanis saying they own the oil in the south, can any southern Nigerian say they own the gold in Zamfara?

When would you southern Nigerian fools wake up? Do you need more 60yrs?

Look Nigeria can never work and nobody can fix Nigeria heck even Jesus Christ himself can't fix Nigeria.

What kind of mentally enslaved greedy and corrupt black people do we have in southern Nigeria? You are been fed with your own money by the North, this is madness, shame on you fools.

Yea I will keep cursing you fools until you receive sense and do the right thing and if you think Nigeria won't collapse watch this video about Lebanon, why not have pity on your kids? Do you think our kids can face the Fulanis? your butter kids? We must not leave this burden on them.

Look at what JS Tarka from Benue did, he was the champion of the middle belt Republic but Fulanis bribed him with a post in government and he sold his people and today just look at Benue, just look at Benue, Gone...

Again pity your kids, Nigeria can't work. A country does not go backward like Nigeria and you expect it to work, people enjoying Nigeria are greedy and selfish people.

Are Nigerians already used to suffering that they can't see what is happening? When would the Fulani voodoo clear from the eyes of southern Nigeria


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