Sunday, July 25, 2021

Joke Ibokwe The Omo Ale of Igbo Land

I was reading through a daily trust new paper today the Fulani mouthpiece and the editor is even a Fulani man hamza Idris from katsina. a new paper founded on promoting the Fulani interest in Nigeria and inciting Southerns against the Igbos like they did In 1967

The heading line says ipob planning to attack Lagos, the headline was so annoying and funny at the same time, the Fulanis have employed are divide and rule tactics which obviously didn't work this time around, during the war, they turned some Yorubas, middle belt and finally our brothers from the Niger delta against the Igbos and it is laughable to say ipob which is not a terrorist organization would attack Lagos, do these people think that we are all fools

Fulanis did it in 1967 when they divided the southeast and named some people Niger deltans, just to create division and spite the Igbos. We are watching the same thing unfold with the statement made by the Fulani police slave

Igbos have been living peacefully in Yoruba land and we are brothers from another mother, we understand each other and we are not barbarians like the Fulanis that rape, kill and murder the Yorubas on their own land with impunity, it happened recently at lasu,ibarapa and we have video evidence.

This man on exile must stop dragging the Igbos backward with his Fulani mentality although nobody takes the commissioner of sewage seriously, no Igbo man takes that man serious.

I am an Igbo man born and raised in Lagos, people most times confuse me for a Yoruba man because I speak fluent Yoruba with no accent, but let's face it to the Yoruba man I am still an omo Nna like they jokingly call us, so why do we keep deceiving ourselves, wanting Biafra does not mean we would all leave Yoruba land, we have Igbos and Yorubas that are married and have kids but what we are saying is that we must always stand for the truth instead of castigating your own people and this is where the Fulanis are smarter than the people from the south, they would never criticize their look if you doubt just look at pantami

Joe ibokwe have completely gone mad and in as much as I respect his freedom. To speak freely but this treasonable character assassination against his own people the Igbo must stop, must you talk? Why not just shut up?

Joe ibokwe is scared of losing his post as a sewage minister because Yoruba nation is coming, I see Joe ibokwe as a man that would forever live in exile because the Yorubas would reject him and the Igbos would also reject him, but we are forgiving and we would gladly accept him back as long as he tenders a public apology to the Igbos

I say to Joe ibokwe the omo ale of igbo land, you are not the only person with interest in lagos or born in lagos, stop this sabotage and curse you are bringing on your generation, no matter what you do you would still be igbo and omo Nna and lastly I must say to Joe ibokwe we might not all be ipob members but we are Biafrans by blood, so all Igbos are biafrans

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