Monday, July 26, 2021

 Lebanese Financial Crisis: Is Nigeria Heading For Lebanon?

Most people really don't know what is going on and this is because Buhari is taking money from everywhere, there is massive corruption, wike said Amaechi stole 300million dollars and the Hadiza Bala Usman port thief stole 165 billion.

The money that has been looted from Nigeria is enough to collapse any country and you ask why is Nigeria still standing and the answer is simple the government is hiding it but they can't do it for long, nobody can stop this free fall

Remember they don't pay salaries, the military is starving, we don't have good media that can report this, people are suffering and the country is collapsing.

Buhari is taking from peter to pay Paul, Nigeria is gone we just don't know it yet, the only problem is that Nigerians are used to suffering so they can't tell the difference, watch the video and see what is happening to Lebanon and lastly remember Nigerian foreign debt is high and even your Buhari train is breaking down, Nigeria is in soup

In 2020 Nigeria owes China $86.3billion, let it sink in

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