Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Yoruba Nation:Meet The 47 Yoruba Nation Heroes And Heroines

Just look at this picture below these were Yoruba nation freedom fighters that were arrested in Lagos and they are 47, and I call them heroes, just look at the picture below, these men and women are heroes and heroines and the rest of you are cowards.

Look, you fools, Nigeria can never work, Nigeria is dead and Nigeria is Rigged to fail, nobody can fix Nigeria, the only way to salvage some stuff is to break Nigeria.

Are you waiting to become  Afghanistan? Those activists are wanted freedom, Nigeria is a slave camp, just imagine after 60yrs they can't give you electricity, shame on Nigeria

Remember these Yoruba nation activists as hero's and heroines and lovers of freedom and I know history would forever be kind to them and I hope this picture would also be at Ibarapa museum, Ibarapa is the birthplace of Yoruba freedom and the gods used Sunday Igboho, my Yoruba brothers you must build a museum there once you are free, we must remember these Brave men and women.

Nigeria is the worse place to be jailed, they are animals. Those civilian killing machines treat people like animals, with no human rights. Tell me what was their crime? I salute you brave heroes and heroines

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