Saturday, July 24, 2021

 Monday 26TH July 2021:Letter To Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

I would start by saying if only I was the commander of a special forces unit I would have released you, those untrained Fulani DSS that can't even stand common bandits, can never stand a well trained Biafran special forces unit, imagine Ikonso heading a Biafran special forces unit, I am so angry and emotional now Mazi I feel your pain and I am thinking to myself what you must be going through now and I am truly moved to tears while typing this. I heard the Fulanis refused to allow you to have your Jewish prayer materials.

Ever since you were kidnapped, even the pig in the gutter have started throwing mud at Igbos, reno has been paid by the Fulanis to soil your name but we gave him fire for fire and he stupidly apologized, he published a new article calling Igbos slaves of  Benin's and if you were free I know you would have destroyed reno because that treacherous snake is a nobody.

Your kidnap have really Brought insults against Igbos something they would never have tried if you were free, but don't worry we are facing them Fire for fire, I am not a member of Ipob but I am smart enough to know all Igbos are Ipob because Fulanis sees us all as Ipob, we are battling them Fire for fire

Your kidnap made Uche Mefor and his gang of radio ranters to be talking trash but a proud Biafran shut Uche Mefor down by telling him that his own Biafra is only on the pages of Facebook.

Because of your kidnap Fulanis went after Sunday Igboho and killed almost 6 people at his house and now he has been detained in Benin republic 

I never started as a fan of yours but I am a Biafran from Enugu state but you made me love you and you radicalized me, I don't even know what to write because my eyes are filled with tears.

Because of you I was able to study the Fulanis and what I discovered was crazy and I have written about it a lot about it, everything you said about them is 100%

I imagine you in the DSS cell deprived of your freedom and I ask what did this man do? Is asking for freedom for his people now a crime?

In some few days time, you would be taken to the zoo court controlled by the cabal and I know you are eager to appear in court and this court hearing would decide what we Igbos would do next and in fact, I already wrote an article already, I said your court hearing on the 26th would decide the fate of Nigeria and some efulefus mocked me, I told them an avalanche is coming

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I want you to be strong for us as we are strong for you and we must be free and Biafra would come, may Elohim be your protector and Elohim confuse our enemies,Isee and like you always say, good evening from me too with you with all the love in my heart. free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, free Oloye Sunday Igboho, long live Biafra and long live Yoruba nation

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