Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 Southern Nigerians Are The Most Useless Black People On Planet Earth

I wrote about the black man's mentality here https://www.biafranboys.org/nnamdi-kanu-black-man-is-mentally and again wrote here https://www.biafranboys.org/nigerianslargest-black-population-with  about how Buhari is our president because the black people of Nigeria don't know their history and we have many Fulani slaves in the south and even a governor eg hopeless uzodinma,see how the north played the south on PIB

This is something I don't understand about the black people of southern Nigeria. What are you scared of?

You have seaports

You have mineral resources, name it you have everything from oil, gas, coal, bitumen, and many more

You have very fertile lands to grow crops

In fact, you have everything and your wealth would be more than enough for your population.

The North has a large population and a desert and they have no resources the greedy ones that managed to get some gold in Zamfara are already saying they won't share the gold profits with any other state, imagine if the Zamfara fools find oil? and I ask are southerners are you born to be foolish and useless?

What do you need the northerners for? God already blessed you enough to form your own countries

Are you just too stupid? sorry, guys, I am pissed and I am just pouring out my heart.

Are you too stupid and dumb to run your own countries?

What is it in this Nigeria that you are benefiting from?

No electricity after 60yrs

What is it with this failed zoo that you leeches are leaching on to?

Please help me out because I am confused, your money from the south funds the North, would you people all leave this earth with your stupidity? Please think of your kids, do you want to leave them with this huge Fulani burden?

Thank God for Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho that are fighting against this black Southern Nigerian zoo curse.

I prefer to suffer in Biafra than in this current zoo, what more can I suffer from in Biafra? I have suffered already in Nigeria and people are still suffering till today, and I am willing to endure in Biafra and we must get it right, we must not be like the zoo, oh e shock you, Nigeria is a zoo and I can give you 20 reasons why Nigeria is a zoo. I would endure until we get it right In biafra and we will, people have been suffering from birth in Nigeria, in Yoruba nation, they won't suffer like this anymore.

All you mentally enslaved black people from southern Nigeria need to ask yourself this question, why is it so hard for you to break away and form your own countries? so that your unborn children can have a real taste of life, eg basic amenities...Free and quality education, electricity, good roads, pipe-borne water. Pity your kids, please

This is a curse, imagine southern Nigeria can't band together and face those northerners, history would never be kind to you fools unless you get it right.

Fulanis bring their cows to destroy your crops and you fools can't do anything, when would you say enough is enough and they even kill your people on their land, can you southerners go and try this in the North, una shame day shame me.Tufia

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