Sunday, July 18, 2021

 Obi Cubana: Igbo Youths Don't Give All Your Money To Native Doctors

I know you fools won't listen but you can do things for blessing because let's face it Igbos are traditional before the British came down here so we love our tradition, do things for blessing and pray to the gods.

Don't go and make any native doctor rich because you want to be like Cubana overnight, don't waste your last money on a native doctor to do ego nbute, please be smart

I know after the Cubana mothers burial many of you would rush to your native doctors, please be calm and don't do what you are not supposed to do because you want to please anyone, live your life in a modest way as long as you are not poor or hungry or owing debts and like I said do things for blessing and not ego nbute because dibia might ask you to go and bring 200k for ego nbute and with that 200k you can buy goods and resell while using just 10k to do spiritual work for blessing

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