Sunday, July 25, 2021

 Obi Cubana: Now I Understand Why They Hate Us

While most of you were busy fighting about who's the richest between Cubana and Adenuga, I was busy learning some lessons and picking some major points about life in general.

Fulanis fear Igbos because they know once we leave Nigeria would fully break, tell me who would want to live in the same country as the Fulanis when Igbos leave? Lol.

The Cubana saga truly made me understand why they hate us, I mean all their fangs was out, but they must understand that it just show biz, just that Igbos overdo it, I refuse to compare rich people's money.

The Cubana saga simply shows us why we should not be together as a country. We are not one let us stop pretending, even though I still want us to change the way we worship money in Igbo land I know our Igbo lifestyle can not change because we are Igbos, but we must change the money worshipping mentality simple.

Igbos like me want Biafra and I am happy we have Yorubas that want freedom as well and it is a mutual thing, so we won't be drawn into that childish talk of comparing who's richer between Cubana and Adenuga or something, we won't fall for show biz, our goal is much more important than that and the people stealing our money with real access and probably the richest in Nigeria are the Fulanis or is the richest man in Nigeria, not Dangote? tinubu thugs can keep on talking about Cubana

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