Monday, July 19, 2021

 Obi Cubana: Strength Used For Tribal War Instead Of  Farming

The amount of dedication and strength used to talk about Cubana would have been used for farming

I was thinking of something now the way people killed themselves and fought themselves over obi Cubana,you all are all mad, for me I was having fun when I talked about the way Igbos worship money and how we should change that mentality and I was attacked by money-loving zombies and I put them in their place for me it was fun but to them it was real and they were so aggressive. Lol. Like obi Cubana gives a f about them. Lol. Grow up stop fighting for rich people's money, if only we had basic amenities this poverty mentality won't be this much and Buhari added to the problem, people are hungry for money like lions and they are ready to do whatever it takes. Lol

Truth is all that strength and dedication that you used to attack each other should have been used to plant a full plot of yam and vegetables,lol, Imagine you fools fighting over who is the richest, poverty no good, learn to be comfortable.

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