Monday, July 19, 2021

 Obi Cubana: Warning to Nigerian Women Dont Push Our Men

I know say una throat go don day long and you fools would be putting pressure on your boyfriends/husbands now, stop that nonsense, don't push your boyfriend or husband to do what he is not supposed to do because you want him to be like Cubana overnight, go and ask the wife of Cubana how they started.

I know how you Nigerian women love to worship money especially the ones from Igbo land, if you need money so badly go and get a job and work and be contented, or go and join BBN, that is where they share money for stupidity, don't push any man, do not don't ask a man for something that your father cant buy for you and stop giving bills to politicians we don't want them to keep stealing our wealth to fund your lifestyles.

Marry a man that is OK and start building with him because if you women continue this I must marry rich man mentality then nobody would get married, look for a guy with vision and start building from somewhere.

In case you don't know, what Cubana did was show biz, just to entertain you money-hungry people and do not waste your money on native doctors, lol. Yes, you can do things for blessing but don't do things to cage any rich man because it would backfire on your head. Be comfortable and be patient it is OK to drive a Toyota and stay in the middle class.

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