Sunday, July 25, 2021

 Open Referendum For Tribes In The SS, Igbos, or Ijaws

I was forced to write this because of the Ijaw boy that was boasting in the screenshot below that Ijaws can stop tribes in the Niger delta from joining Biafra and I was not shocked because you all know me I have written about Ijaw hypocrisy, how dare this Ijaw boy say Ijaws can decide for the tribes in the Niger delta I am pissed, time to choose so we can know where we stand and as if that was not enough look at what pandef said below

According to PANDEF: “It is a shame that they cannot differentiate between fact and fantasy. This stupidity would erode any sympathy they had hitherto received from the South-South geo-political zone.

“Let us restate, without any equivocation, that the Niger Delta Region is not part of Biafra and that no inch of the South-South Geopolitical Zone shall be part of any imagined “Republic”. It’s rather puerile for IPOB or any other group to consider that Niger Delta Region would be part of any arbitrary contraption. If it becomes necessary for the Niger Delta people to pull out of this country, we shall do so, on our terms

Tribes in the SS, Igbos, or Ijaws. Choose now, it is simple, just type anyone you choose in the comments section, I support 5 states of Biafra, but you have the right to choose what you what, Ijaws cant choose for you.

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