Saturday, July 31, 2021

 Own Goal Specialist: Fulanis Fell For Ipob Trap On Rudy Rochman

When Rudy Rochman came to Biafra land it was a big deal to Jews and Igbos in general, I really didn't know him but the Ipob love for him made me interested in the young man.

And the Fulanis fell for it, did they think that the guy is coming to divide Nigeria or he is a military General, lol. Fulanis don't know that Igbos are also Jews? This is why Idi Amin lost his country, Nigeria is already a weak country.

Why did the Fulanis arrest them, they just came to  Biafra Land to shoot a documentary and you arrested them and made the whole of Israel hear about Igbos and Biafra once again after many years, Fulanis are own-goal specialist una well done, the same way they arrested Kanu and made him more popular, I told you God used Buhari to break Nigeria, he must use one of them to do it.

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