Monday, July 19, 2021

 People Which Lesson Did You Learn  From Obi Cubana  Mothers Burial

While you fools were busy measuring dicks wealth, I was busy thinking strategically like I always do on  how to make my parents happier  now that they are still alive, my parents would be the happiest on earth if I throw them a nice birthday party, not a lavish one because I am not a millionaire and a billionaire

So don't wait for when your parents are gone before you celebrate them, make them the happiest person on earth and if you have issues with your parents now is the time To settle with them because there is no coming back once they leave. if you live abroad to bring your parents over and let them enjoy the basic amenities of life eg 24/7 electricity, nice health care which is free in some countries 

Don't worry yourself if you can't overspend, I would prefer you spend your last money when they are alive and let them enjoy and then Bury them like the Muslims do, let them enjoy your money while they are alive, don't starve them and then turn around throw them a big party when they are dead, use your head, of course, I am sure Obi Cubana cared for his mum but I am talking to others out there

Please stop measuring people's money and focus on your life and your parents and make them happy, don't buy a golden casket when they are dead.

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