Saturday, July 31, 2021

 Rudy Rochman: Israelis Are Talking About Biafra Why It Is A Big Deal

I am happy that Rudy Rochman and his friends were released and we Igbos are with him and I have written a lot about Israel here, here and here and many more, I have talked about the Palestinian issue as well here, we Igbos are pro Israel all of us, I mean all of us to the last Igbo on planet earth.

I read an article on the Israeli Times a major English news site in Israel and I was glad, when the civilian killing machine the DSS arrested them I said yes the Nigerian terrorist government just reconfirmed to the Mossad that Igbos are in danger,I wrote about it here, Nah they won't be sending no plane to bring Igbos to Israel, but they already know what to do

Israel have a lot to gain from Igbos, we have oil and gas in our 5states, we are pro Israel, the ones in the North hate Israel, and remember they don't have western trained kids like you find in Saudi and Dubai, these ones are backward, they hate western education

The arrest was an emotional one but come on what can the Nigerian government do to an Israeli citizen? Nigeria is a weak country, Buhari is trying to flex because he kidnapped Kanu, if Kanu was free he would not have arrested those men.

Fulanis can score own goals, lol.I told you God used Buhari to give us Biafra, Fulanis could have just ignored the men shooting their documentary, instead, they made the people of Israel, dust their boots again for Biafra, yea I remember they helped us during the first genocidal civil war.

I know Israel supply weapons to the Fulanis, you can see the DSS using Israeli made weapons used to kill Igbos

So it is a big deal that the people of Israel, I mean the Israeli society is talking about Biafra again, God works in mysterious ways, so I empathize with their families and I apologize and this is what we Igbos go through every day.

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