Saturday, July 31, 2021

Shocking:Rudy Rochman Shares His DSS Custody Story

I wrote here how DSS scored an own goal by arresting Rudy Rochman, and his friends, and while the man was in jail, I wrote here again telling us the Nigerian government just confirmed to Mossad that Igbos are in danger and you fools laughed at me, now read Rudy Rochman below

Images from the days and night before we were abducted by the Nigerian DSS where they caged our team for 3 weeks, ultimately silencing our episode on the Igbo Jews for We Were Never Lost. 

We only managed to film for 2 days out of the 2 weeks planned in Igboland when armed militants wearing black ski masks forced us at gunpoint into a van, stripping us of our phones and passports. We didn't see the light of day or had any form of communication with the outside world till we were released 20 days later. 

We set out to tell a story and unfortunately, we became the story. Now that we are back it's important to reset and focus on the Igbo Jews who've faced what we went through their whole lives and still live with that reality daily. 

Our team will pivot and an episode on the Igbos will be made. We are currently no longer allowed to enter Nigeria, but the story of our Igbo brothers and sisters there will be told.

Many Igbos have reached out and apologized to our team for what we went through. To our Jewish Igbo family, it is not your fault! It is us who are sorry that our people did not reunite earlier.


Kavana Films

David Benaym

Video on what we went through coming out in the next few days. Stay tuned for it.

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