Monday, July 19, 2021

 Shame On Igbos And Other Tribes That Turned A Burial Into A Tribal War

I have always known that we hate each other but going to the level of comparing rich people with other rich people is poverty mentality and those rich people don't even know who fools are, they don't care and I still stand on what I said about my Igbo people.

How would you be moved by what you see on the Internet? It is called showbiz and Igbos just know how to do it better than other tribes

Because of your stupidity Fulanis have used the advantage of your fight over Cubana to steal more money, none of you fools are richer than the Fulanis in power they have access to your treasury

If at this your age you are  fighting about who is richer or who have the highest Millionaire between Igbos and Yorubas or any other tribe  then you must have your brain checked, I am older than this ish

So now that you fools have finished fooling yourselves can we go back To Freedom fighting?, let us free ourselves from Fulanis and then everyone can do as they please in their region, if you want to pray money on dusty roads then nobody would even care if you don't develop iragbaji tinubus home town before you spray money nobody would care, stop your stupidity and stop fighting over rich people that don't even care if you are alive, look at what Buhari poverty has done to you fools and lastly don't go and do what you are not supposed to do because you want to be like Cubana overnight.

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