Thursday, July 22, 2021

somebody please Tell Ijaws That Igbos Have Crude Oil

When we talk they say oh you want our oil, which oil. God blessed Igbos with oil so which oil do we the Igbos want to steal from you, I don't get it.

Please Ijaws need to educate their people and tell. Them Igbos have oil in abia and imo and some part of rivers state that was criminally carved by Gowon the war criminal and we have gas in Anambra

Please which oil would Igbos steal from you when we have ours, I don't get it at all, but Fulani without oil don't want to steal from you abi. Thank you Lord, for blessing Igbos

 Imagine how Ijaws would have mocked Igbos if we didn't have a drop of crude oil? Just picture it inside your head, we Igbos are blessed because we don't even depend on oil and an average Igbo man does not even know Igbos have oil

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