Wednesday, July 14, 2021

 Someone, Please Wake Ijaws Up Tell Them Oil Would Soon Be Useless

You know most times when we talk about Ijaw nation Ijaws would say they are not ready yet for the freedom and they would fight when they are ready and I ask Ijaws when would that be? Remember your life depends on oil and are you waiting for the oil to dry up before you make a move? Can people tell Ijaws in the creeks what is going on around the world? Maybe they don't have Internet in the creeks.

I hope you all listened to edwin Clark

The world is changing and the customers that always buy your oil are going green, In case you don't know what it means, it is called renewable energy like solar and electric vehicles and many countries in Europe would ban vehicles that are not electric in some few years to come

And oil would be useless because the price would go down and I ask Ijaws what would you do then? How would you survive so I urge you now to wake Up and fight for freedom because oil is going to be useless soon?

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