Sunday, July 25, 2021

 Sunday Igboho A Man With Courage And Love For His People

Let me start by saying if I was as rich as Sunday Igboho I won't be fighting for anyone and trust me life is sweet, I would just sit down and enjoy my life because those that you want to fight for are enjoying this present Nigerian slavery, they love it so why would I waste my time.

Sunday Igboho is going to defeat the Fulanis in court tomorrow

This man Sunday Igboho is bloody rich and then he put his life on the line and that of his family to give his people freedom and you still see some Yoruba omo ale supporting one Nigeria are you one Nigeria supporters  stupid?

I wrote about it telling Sunday Igboho to appoint a deputy, Yorubas owe everything to Sunday Igboho and his sacrifice for the Yoruba people, you have to support him and I respect the real Yorubas and the real lovers of freedom.

How I wish we have more than one Sunday Igboho by now the Yoruba people would have been free and I want to use this opportunity to thank Sunday Igboho and tell him that we the lovers of freedom appreciate all his sacrifice and history would forever be kind to him.

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