Wednesday, July 21, 2021

 The murder of Eunice Olawale A Lesson To One Nigeria Yorubas

I won't even waste my time on you one Nigeria Yoruba fools and you are just like my fellow Igbo one Nigeria idiots eg Joe ibokwe and by the way the Igbos dash you Joe ibokwe

If you have a conscience read on how they killed this woman and have a rethink, we need to be free and that is why as an Igbo man I fully support Yoruba nation and Sunday Igboho, enough of this Fulani problem

Let me tell you the reason Fulanis have not been killing southerners in the north now, it is because they know Nigeria would break, if they killed madam Eunice in 2021 trust me Nigeria would have broken up.

Please you one Nigeria Igbo and Yoruba fools, wake up so we can free ourselves from this Fulani slavery, I am tired, the Problem with you one Nigeria fools is that you have a short memory and this is why Fulanis have destroyed this country, how do you kill a woman for preaching? We are not in Pakistan, it can never happen in the southeast or southwest.

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