Wednesday, July 28, 2021

There Is Nothing That You Can Say To Make Me Believe In One Nigeria

Look there's no story that you can give me to make me believe in one Nigeria, my eyes are fully open now, look at your wickedness, you didn't give the southeast any airport or seaport, look you people are wicked and evil and bad and you should be ashamed of yourself, I am right to leave you fools, for over 50yrs we have no airports or seaports and you make us suffer, shame on you and una no say na Igbo travel pass and na Igbo import pass,it is that you block heads don't get it we want freedom.

Biafra must be free and there is not a damn thing that you can do about it, if we fight another war we won't come back and be Nigerians again, I hope you know that, too much blood has already been spilled for us to be one, just leave us the hell alone, Nigeria must break and Nigeria is breaking and nobody can stop this free fall, bandits, Boko haram, the currency is dead, food prices worse, your cows eating our crops, NNPC is broke. Just wait for oil prices to drop, Nigeria would be an African version of Venezuela or Lebanon, Nigeria must fall and the zoo must fall, dollars is $1/525

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