Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 Uche Mefor And Asari Dokubo: Why A Man Must Have Principles

How did a well-educated man like Uche Mefor end up in bed with a tout like asari? this beautiful reply below from uche mefor was directed at asari when he said Igbos used to be  Ijaw slaves, what happened to uche mefor? why did he go back and work with asari?a man that he beautifully destroyed, today mefor is the media guy to asari,i am ashamed, read below

Uche Mefor's Response To Asari Dokunbo's Murder Allegation

"You are brave, vicious, warriors... Igbos are not .., they are cowards but the oil well in your own backyard is owned and controlled by the "Gambaris", the fulanis, your enemies? and yet you the brave and warrior prefer to be an ordinary "oil pipeline security" contractor to them.?

A warrior and just wait... the liberator of his people? Stillmore, you seek to renew and cement that warrior-turned-coward status for Atiku and his Arewa brothers who ganged up against Jonathan, your brother when you have the greatest weapon to use against the system that ensures the continuation of fulani hegemony.?

And just still yet, you are an Amakiri who is not subservient to anybody?

Let me remind you that IPOB has a command structure with highly entrenched ethos founded on the irreducible, supreme principle of ideological consistency that is so sacrosanctly refined and led by the inspirational and charismatic leader, Nnamdi Kanu from whom IPOB and hardcore Biafran faithful take instructions and draw inspiration.

At a time like this, certain inescapable truth must be projected-----you all in the coastal regions should be property owners, resource owners, employers of labour in the oil sector and not security men for the plunderers.

You must leave a legacy and a lifeline for the younger generation who are still drinking from the same water they urinate and defecate in , I expect you to be mobilizing your people for freedom and not for oil pipeline security contracts, you owe them freedom, aim for it and not slavery, that is only sure way, that is what Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for!

I advise you to define your parameters strategically, choose your fight very well and very carefully too!

Mazi Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor (IPOB deputy leader)

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