Wednesday, July 28, 2021

WARNING: Corrupt Ipob/Massob Members Would Be Tried For Corruption In Biafra

Look I don't give a F if you are Nnamdi Kanu or Uwazurike or a member of the DOS, if you are found guilty of corruption you would be sent to jail in Biafra and we are taking notes and nobody would escape this justice we must not become like Nigeria.

Uwazurike would not be left out and massob

We hear all the allegations and corruption flying all around about Ipob and the rest. I must warn you now, I am not a member of Ipob but I am Pro Ipob and I am would show you corrupt fools no mercy.

If you are found guilty of corruption, you would be sentenced to prison, whoever you are even if you are Nnamdi Kanu, but Kanu can get a reduced sentence if he is found guilty, nobody would be above the law, in Israel that you love so much their prime minister Ehud Olmert was sent to prison for corruption go and read about it

We must do everything not to be like Nigeria and we must be the japan of Africa. I repeat we must not be like Nigeria the zoo. you have been warned.

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