Thursday, July 22, 2021

 What Economic Benefit Do The Northerners Bring To Eastern Nigeria

I was thinking about this now what economic benefits do the Northerners bring to Eastern Nigeria? Please don't tell me about tomatoes or onions, Northerners don't pay taxes, they don't rent shops, they don't build houses, they don't buy land, they get almost everything for free in the southeast, I don't understand how this zoo works, show me any boys quarter built by a northerner in the south east,you see how smart they are but you fools go and build mansions in their Islamic land,mumu

If you know what the northerners contribute tell ME

Igbos in the North pay taxes and build houses even though I think Igbos are greedy for going back to invest in the North where they killed 30,000 of them in 1966

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