Friday, July 30, 2021

 What Kind Of  Country Talks  About Grazing Routes In 2021

Men Fulanis are dulling us, imagine talking about grazing routes in 2021, I swear we are in Yemen mixed with Somalia, what is wrong with these guys, do they think we are fools.

Why is it that these Fulanis have refused to change, look at Saudi and Dubai they are embracing tech, but these Fulanis still want us to be backward, they have been in power after they killed the Igbo head of state and his Yoruba friend in 1966

Look you know me I am direct, even Jesus Christ can't fix Nigeria, the country is gone, it can't be fixed, the only way to salvage Nigeria is to break up, these people have looted this country dry already if you think Atiku or Tinubu or Moghalu can fix Nigeria then you are sleeping on a skateboard

Yoruba Muslims are not fanatics like these ones up north, now you want your cows to pass through my house or farmland, these Fulanis are heartless, with all these Fulani killing, there can never be peace, we can never come back from it.

Look only way is to ranch your animals, watch the video below the Fulani cows destroyed the woman's groundnut farm. Who did we offend? Britain caused this

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