Saturday, July 17, 2021

 Why does The Fulanis Want Everything In Southern Nigeria?

If you notice the Fulanis want everything in the south and all their policies are to take things from The south and this is why Nigeria can never be one, from oil, gas to water to land they want it all from the south.

What does the south take from the North? Even Zamfara gold is for Zamfara, imagine if that gold was found In the west or east the Fulanis would come For it

What is going on in this hell hole, why are these Fulanis choking us? They are choking us and this baggage is getting too heavy for the south to carry and remember they are the poverty capital of the world, Fulanis should leave us the hell alone because we are tired, I can't live with you no more, I am right to say I hate you because you are killing us, Fulanis leave us alone and we would celebrate and rejoice the very day that Nigeria would break up, you are choking us with your primitivity

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