Monday, July 19, 2021

Why We Igbos Must Clean Up Ladipo Market

We all saw what happened at ladipo and I watched the video where the boys were raining Stones on the military men that came there and I don't know if it was after they shot one person or before but that still does not give the civilian killing machine like I call him the right to kill people.

The police should have been the ones to come for the arrest, the civilian killing machines should be in the barracks or at the war front fighting Boko haram, we have bastardized our system and we use the military to intimidate people because the police are useless and corrupt and the judges are also corrupt and the court can not save the common man.

Igbos in ladipo need to get their shit together and clean that place up and I am talking like a businessman, you need to give people a warranty for your products with the receipt and make your conditions for a refund very clear this is how it is done, stop acting like you are in  1900, customers should have rights and since our useless leaders don't want to set up laws to protect the seller and buyer then you must enact a law yourselves to avoid that kind of massacre that's what I call it, shooting at defenseless civilians is barbaric and a massacre, why can't the Nigerian government invest in rubber bullets?

Now is the time to clean up ladipo and bring back confidence, criminals must leave ladipo or obey the rules of business, we need to make ladipo a safe place and where someone can buy with rest of mind, stop this stupidity and nonsense and this is not hustling, it is a business place and you are killing your business and you are losing market. If there was another ladipo nobody would come to you guys. Even me.

Please set your warranty rules and make it Clear on your receipt so that there would be no confusion, in some countries you cant get your money back but you have to take something else that is worth the same, spell it out on your  receipt, and if you refund money spell it out as well

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