Sunday, July 18, 2021

 Why We Igbos Must Purge Ourselves From This Money Worshipping Virus

Open your mind before reading to free yourself from mental slavery and please crime is universal,all tribes in Nigeria commit crimes, this is just about the way my people worship money and not all Igbos that blow money get it illegally,Igbos work hard, I can even say more than any other tribe in Nigeria, everything we have we worked hard for it

Don't get me wrong other tribes also worship money in Nigeria eg Yorubas but Igbos take their money worship to another level,i urge Cubana and his Igbo friend to band together and give the Igbos something solid in Igbo land or they should talk to their governor friends to do it and don't get me wrong it is nice to be rich but everyone has their own destiny don't be faster than yours

I saw a post on Twitter by should I say an old igbo man because he's got some white beards, he was comparing those Arabs and Russia to chopping money to those in Nigeria, Russia, and Dubai actually work compared to Igbo land.

I replied and I was angry at him for trying to implant that kind of mentality in our young people, did he actually Compare Igbo land to Dubai and Russia and  Asia. Lol. I was pissed because this mentality has landed many Igbos in jail and in Igbo land people worship money and I have always wanted to talk about this but now is the right time to do it, before you rant I am Igbo, and a Biafran

When I replied  him I was called a hater and a poor man, lol now you understand the mentality and even one old fool from South Africa wearing lakers at his age telling me to go and make money and before he could block me I blocked his descendants

Look at this point in my life I am happy, I have a business, I have a house in Lagos, I have foreign citizenship and I am paying for a house where I have citizenship, I don't need a Ferrari at this stage in my life, maybe if I win the lottery tomorrow I could Buy a Ferrari or maybe not and with the credit limit I have I Can buy a range, I don't need cash, you all understand how it works.

I am not saying be poor but a modest life is ok. it is ok to drive a Toyota, it is ok to take the brt or train, some people can't travel to their village because they have a Toyota, they want a benz.

Pressure from Igbo society has pushed many youths to their deaths and some in jail.

We have no BRT, no train and no roads, no tech hub in Igbo land

Don't fall for pressure from society and even your parents, we know how Igbo parents talk or let me say Nigerian parents talk, like look at your mate building mansions

Dont give your last money to a native doctor to do ego nbute for you because you want to turn to Cubana overnight.

I was already chopping money at 21 meeting with the CP of Lagos at 21, my brother's wife a chinese was my supplier then and I made money. 

We need to start changing the mentality of our new generation you don't need a Ferrari to enjoy your life and you don't to be Cubana to be a rich man, even the Cubana is not even rich, I know what I mean by rich and this is the problem of the black man we are mentally enslaved and this is why we can't be like the whites, we hear of Walmart that is wealth, generational wealth read about the walton family and understand wealth.

Do you know obi Cubana has no hospital or any reasonable business, club business is crap? Why can't he and his gang of rich men develop onicha waterfront and before you say are they the government come on, the one that calls himself chief priest is an APC politician, can't they talk to their politician friends,didn't you see politicians like peter obi at the burial?

No state in Igbo land can compete with Cape Town, shebi una get money, as much as I understand that Cubana is a show biz man but some things are uncalled for especially when you are doing it on dusty and pothole-filled roads 

Do you know how many Igbos would land in jail after the Cubana burial? 

Many tribes fear marrying Igbos because of the bill they would give them because we worship money

We can blame this worshipping of money on the civil war because there was a race to regain everything that was lost, but now we have it all, and we must stop worshipping money.

Now I understand why Igbos are hated because we love show biz and we do it well and it is  not our fault, we just do it better than any other tribe

We must teach our youths that driving a Toyota is ok and we must get rid of this get rich or die trying mentality. 

I say to the old people stop killing our youths because you fools worship money, in Igbo land even a little kid with money can talk down an elder without money, this madness must stop

Remember one thing you won't take money or riches anywhere so don't kill yourself to get it if you do someone else would enjoy that money that you killed yourself for or you would kill yourself and still have no money.

I support you to blow your money anyhow but do it after we become like Dubai or China and not when we have dusty and bad roads with potholes or no roads at all and no hospital, we must plan Biafra and we must refuse to make a mistake else we become like the zoo, finally purge yourself from this money worshipping virus.your insults are welcome but i have avery strong skin and I would insult you as well,i don't play

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