Sunday, August 29, 2021

Throw Back: Ojukwu Says Let My People Go

You can feel the pain in his voice and the man's passion for Biafran freedom is 100%,Igbos are tired of Nigeria we can't come back from this Fulani killings, it is certain that Biafra would come, I believe it 100% because Nigeria is dead

Friday, August 27, 2021

 Nigerian Army:Just Like I Predicted On Aug 14, 2021, They Are Here

I told you all, read the screenshot below that the Nigerian army would deploy to the south soon and it happened they released a statement today, I got it from vanguard newspaper, read

The General Officer Commanding, GOC, 82 Division Nigeria Army, Maj. Gen. T. A Lagbaja, has promised “hard times for trouble makers” in the South East geopolitical zone.

Gen. Lagbaja who read the riot act at the closing ceremony of 82 Division Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition yesterday at the 14 Brigade Ohafia, Abia State, said that the army and other security agencies were prepared for anyone fomenting trouble in the zone.

He said that the objective of the competition was to improve the combat readiness of officers in the Division with a view to preparing them for more challenging responsibilities.

The GOC who was represented by the Commanding Officer in charge o 13 Brigade Calabar, Brigadier Gen. P. P Malla, expressed satisfaction with the performances and conducts of the participants, charging them to apply their new skills in the service of the country.

Gen. Lagbaja said that the Army would continue to pursue training of officers and soldiers in the Division with emphasis in modern warfare.

The participating Brigades competed in weapon handling, map reading, obstacle crossing, combat swimming among other events.

Meanwhile, the 13 Brigade Calabar emerged the overall best with 3,150 points followed by 14 Brigade Ohafia which scored 3,110 points.

82 Division Garrison Brigade Enugu clinched third position with 3,035 points while 44 Engineering Brigade Enugu went home with the Wooden Spoon after scoring 3030 points.

On the individual category, lieutenant Kollo Musa, of 14 Brigade Ohafia emerged the Best in Cross Country having completed the 10 killometer race in 58 minutes 56 seconds.

He also emerged the Best in obstacle crossing having crossed the huddles in 14 minutes and 51 seconds; while Capt. Y. S Bulama came first in swimming.

The Best overall female competitor was Lieutenant M. A Abubakar of the 44 Engineering Brigade Enugu who also came second in pistol firing competition.

The team from 14 Brigade Ohafia came first in map reading, cross country and third in obstacle crossing, while 13 Brigade Calabar emerged the Best in weapon handling and combat swimming.

Saturday Vanguard reports that officers of the rank of Second Lieutenant to Major participated in the week-long competition.

Credit: Vanguard Newspaper

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Chris Hani: Why Simon Ekpa Must Be Careful And Vigilant

I am just sitting here watching Chris Hani while meditating on Biafra and the problems of the zoo and I was also thinking of Ipob leadership issues, it is not a tussle yet. as I wrote in May 2021 here warning Nnamdi Kanu to be careful and vigilant before he was kidnapped in Kenya, I would also warn Simon Ekpa to be careful and vigilant because freedom fighting is not a joke and he is no longer a Finnish politician, he is also a Biafran freedom fighter, I know Finland is a real democratic country but he still needs to be careful, watch the video about Chris Hani of South Africa the most popular man in South Africa after Nelson Mandela

If Simon is prayerful or if he believes in our African tradition he should hold it tight because spiritual attack is already on the way, I know how men are greedy and hungry for power, I was smart when I said the dos should be rotational, it should not be a life office but because men are greedy they would never want to leave the dos

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Igbo Leaders Are Criminals: Why The South East Is A Zoo

Below is why the southeast is like a zoo, our leaders have finished us we must chase them away, they are not my leaders, 500million monthly? They are criminals, let's thank God for the Igbo spirit, we are self-made, our governors have looted us dry, yes I blast tinubu and i will blast my people as well, they are criminals, our money is abroad in the hidden accounts, imagine what 500million can do? even security no day, it would never be well with those people, all of them

Senator Orji and his sons, Chinedu and Ogbonna, are under investigation by the EFCC for offenses bordering on misappropriation of public funds and money laundering.

“The ex- Governor is alleged to have collected N500million monthly as security vote for eight years as governor of Abia state between 2007 and 2015.

“Other issues relate to the alleged mismanagement of N2billion Ecological Fund and conversion of Sure-P funds.”

 Someone Explain This Ijaw Niger Delta Map For Ijaws Alone

Someone needs to wake Ijaws up and tell them that their Niger Delta Republic is dead, no tribe would want to live with Ijaws, they fight everyone

Frustration: Nigerian Man Attack Nepa Official

everyone is tired in this hell hole, if you don't understand Yoruba ask your Yoruba friend to translate it for you,we are tired

Monday, August 16, 2021

 I See Afghanistan Happening To The North

Let me be the first to say it because as a strategist I have calculated it, Boko haram is in bed with the Nigerian government and this is why they are laying down their arms because as I told You the army would deploy to the south soon I calculated it as well.

But this Taliban Victory would change the minds of Boko haram, they would break from the Nigerian government and the Victory of the would give them the hope that they can also replicate such in northern Nigeria, so expect to see some crazy attacks on the military and civilians soon and they will attempt to take aso rock remember they are already in Niger state, again it is my prediction

 Monday Sit At Home: Don't Be An Idiot  Monday Is Your Holiday

I don't understand you people, for me, I would be happy to sit at home on Mondays that is another day of rest, in many countries they don't work on Mondays do your research

Monday is not too big to sacrifice for Biafra and for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

This is actually going to those that are opposing the sit at home and I am telling them to back off.

What do you people want, we fight you say no, we protest you say no, we want to sit inside our houses and you still say no, them swear for you? You won't stop us from getting to our promise land

Biafra: Sit At Home What Do You People Want Maka Chukwu

Just look at this otelectual he insulted 69million Igbo people because the 1million left is made up of efulefus and otelectuals and just look at the statement whatever Ipob is fighting for? Really, is this man living on this planet? This was the same man that was accused of getting contracts from the government, I think it is called nepotism, go and read about it and he was involved with Abba Moro

Ok efulefus and otelectuals and I am not a member of ipob before you start ranting like a dog with rabies.

What do you want... 

We protested with flags you said no and killed us

We started a security outfit to protect our people something that is your responsibility and you failed and when we did that you still said no and you killed us and in fact you are still killing us

Ok, you arrested our leader and we say OK we would sit in our houses on Mondays to support him and you still say no. Haha, they swear for you? How dare you tell us what to do? 

Ok now tell us what do you want us to do? You want us to turn into the Taliban before you take us seriously and know this we are not joking about this Biafran freedom. Tell us, what do you want us to do, one Nigeria is not on the table because Nigeria is dead

  • August 16, 2021
  • Chris Obiagu

 Historic Day: PIB Bill What's Next  For The Niger Delta

Today is a historic day for all of us in the Niger delta and yes Igbo states are a part of the Niger delta, forget all that nonsense the war criminal Gowon did. 

The UN is telling us to stop Using Fossil Fuels 

Buhari just approved 3%for the Niger Delta Region and the North gets over 30%

Look at your neighbor in the Niger delta and ask him or her, what is next for us in Nigeria? don't get carried away by insulting Nnamdi Kanu while the Fulanis are stealing our money,3%?really, we are cowards in the south,Tueh ! Fulanis just bullied us. yes it is bullying because Fulanis can't take what are doing to us, see how Buhari and Atiku reacted to the Jos killings because Fulanis died

Sunday, August 15, 2021

 Indigenous People Of Biafra: Nnamdi kanu Is A Genius

I was just thinking of it now, it is a strategy I know because I am a strategist as well, if you started by saying you want an only Igbo Biafra you won't get outside and inside support and this is why he used the name indigenous to break away from Nigeria, and then everyone can go their separate ways, me I won't run from one forced marriage and join another one, I still prefer an all Igbo Biafra with 5 states and yes we would get our land back from rivers state that was criminally carved into rivers by the war criminal Gowon, we would sue them abroad, not a criminal Nigerian court, but if indigenous tribes want to join us in Biafra why not they can and everyone would enjoy equal rights, but we won't force anyone please, I don't want another forced marriage

Nnamdi Kanu managed to win many people from indigenous lands like the  esan people and the Urhobo people everybody is tired of Nigeria we all want freedom from this zoo and we must be free, I am done with Nigeria, if you are indigenous to the land of Biafra then you are IPOB, he was able to capture all under one umbrella,

Saturday, August 14, 2021

 Nnamdi Kanu: The Fulanis Would Come

I am still sad that Kanu is not Commanding this very battle and as I said I preferred he was abroad coordinating this whole thing

As I wrote before I see the Nigerian army code naming an operation for the south soon, remember they declared one in Benue operations whilrl stroke, expect one in  the south soon, they don't want Nigeria to break and they would keep it by force

Just like Nnamdi Kanu said they would come and they will, Mark my word

 I See The Nigerian Army Deploying To The South Soon

I am not a  Prophet I am just a strategist and if I was Buhari that is what I would do, they released el zarzaky, they settled Shias, no more noise or protest from the Shias

Bokoharam commanders laying down their arms

The Nigerian army would soon announce an operation that they would soon deploy to the southeast to mop up hoodlums, they won't mention Ipob or Esn

Fulanis are not ready to restructure or break up Nigeria they are going to keep Nigeria by force and Britain is in support but they would back out as soon as a lot of people starts  dying

Fulanis would come just like Kanu always say and I am sad that Kanu is not leading this current battle and they would come and soon just like Kanu predicted, Mark my word they would come 

 This Struggle Is Bigger Than Ipob, Kanu And Ojukwu Uwazurike

This Biafran struggle is bigger than ojukwu Kanu, Uwazurike and ipob, if ipob know that they can't get their sh*t together they should get out of the way, if you want to be the spare head of this struggle starting acting like it, Kanu knew the price of freedom fighting.

 Are You Insane: Who Cancels A Sit At Home?

Maka Chukwu what is wrong with you fools? It is called sit at home the best and effective and the safest method of freedom fighting and you would record zero deaths, we are sitting at home for goodness sakes and we are not confronting the zoo army

Don't tell me about the economy because you have none, what you have is garbage, your region looks like a zoo, your South Eastern leaders have destroyed the place, they did nothing, just look at the bridge that the fool obiano built, the fool has a house in America and let's ask him is that the way it is done in the USA, I don't have any leaders they are your leaders not mine, they have failed, no second chances from me, I am not stupid, don't let them tell you any story, they failed all of them, on the economic front and the social front and even infrastructural front they failed, zero

We have no seaports and airports and you are telling me about the economy

Exams I know how it is but it is useless there must be sacrifices if we are fighting for freedom

I know deals would be made but not on Biafra and it was probably linked our brothers and sisters that had been in jail since 2020, we are happy for them, but we had all the cards and we should be the ones making the demands, if we continue the sit at home we would have the bargaining power and all of them would come begging

 Canceled Sit At Home : How We Lost Our Bargaining Power

You guys don't know the implications of the canceled sit at home, we lost our bargaining power and if we had continued the sit at home the Igbo politicians would come begging, I mean serious begging, sit at home breeds more anger of the people against them and this was why they quickly used kanuta

I am still pissed and I won't take this kindly this struggle is even bigger than ipob and Kanu and ojukwu put together, ipob should get their shit together and stop messing with the freedom of over  70millon people because of a man that knew what he was going in for or have you not watched Kanu say he is ready to die, that is the price for freedom fighting, death, jail, jungle or exile

 Ijaws Proud For Allowing Slaves To Be Sold Through Their Region

I found this on a Facebook page and I was suspended from commenting, Ijaws are constantly brainwashing their people and they suspend you when you try to educate them, Ijaws can be sued for slave trade if they keep on mouthing off, instead of burying their head in shame they are proud of allowing slaves to be sold through the sea where they live and look at their lives today? The people they helped to sell are far better than them, shame

 Walking Stick: How Buhari Killed Tinubu Presidential Ambition

I have told you people about Tinubu and I have written a lot about the man and I told you that the Fulanis won't allow him to become president, not in Nigeria, maybe he can be president in  Yoruba nation

Fulanis used just one picture to destroy Tinubu's ambition, just look at the picture, how would a man on a walking stick be your president? And remember Tinubu loves owanbe campaign, who would do it for him, Fulanis destroyed him tinubu

 Why Kanuta Should Be Kicked Out of Ipob

Look in freedom fighting personal interest should be discouraged and this is what happened, Kanu's family headed by kanuta disregarded chain of command and put their family interest above all other interests and this alone should get him suspended from ipob, if kanu can suspend people on-air why can't ipob suspend kanuta? I remember how he boasted and he won, is ipob an animal farm where some animals are bigger than the others? If you want to save ipob kick kanuta out

I See Another Group Emerging From Ipob

I see another group emerging from ipob and not because they don't love Nnamdi Kanu but because the struggle has been high jacked by Nnamdi Kanu's family who is putting their family interest above the Biafran struggle, a new group would emerge soon, just watch out, look at how kanuta destroyed a brilliant and beautiful strategy, don't doubt me I predicted kanus capture, go and read it

 Important Questions For  Ipob

I won't mince words 

Did Mandela give ANC orders from prison? Is ipob fighting for Nnamdi Kanu's freedom or the restoration of Biafra? Who is in charge of ipob now? Dos or nnamdi kanus family? Because Kanu's family controls the lawyers, why is kanuta bigger than command and control? what is the next way forward? Answer the questions if you can think 

 How Kanu Family Destroyed A Brilliant Strategy

I won't waste my time anymore to start writing long epistles, my heart has been broken by ipob an organization I followed with my life even without joining, I trusted ipob and now they let me down and no I won't join Uwazurike or uche mefor they are unserious as well

Nnamdi Kanu's family destroyed a brilliant peaceful strategy because of family interest and it is simple they put family first instead of Biafra

 Is Ipob Interested In Biafra Or Nnamdi Kanu

Look freedom fighting is not about enjoyment, it is about suffering and sacrifice and this was what happened to Mandela he paid the price for his people and Kanu knew the consequences when he signed to start this struggle so we must not cry for him he is paying the price for our freedom so people should put more focus on Biafra instead of Nnamdi Kanu

It seems to me that ipob is more focused on the release of their leader and not Biafran restoration and I ask ipob which one are you after? Why did you call off a brilliant strategy because of family interest?

 Why Nnamdi Kanu Must Be Stripped Of  His Powers With His Blessings

Before you call me sabo listen carefully and only smart people can relate to my write-ups

The first question is, did Mandela give ANC orders from prison? 

Remember Kanu is in a DSS facility and DSS is an intelligence organization and they would have his room bugged and they would be listening to the conversation between Kanu and his lawyer. Ok

The main reason why Kanu's powers should be stripped with his blessings is so that the Fulanis would realize that they can't use Kanu to control the struggle like they are doing now 

They might deny Kanu water and tell him to do this and do that, but if they know kanu no longer have the powers they won't do anything and we would win

Kanu must anoint a deputy and hand over power unless kanuta would mess everything up because they are putting family first 

 Did Mandela Give ANC Orders  From Prison?

Look me I would ask questions and I know many ipob members are angry as well, if you can answer this simple question then you are moving in the right direction.. Did mandela give ANC orders from prison?

 Time For Nnamdi Kanu To Hand Over To A Deputy

Kanu has to hand over to a deputy now to avoid this family control of ipob or a deputy head should take over and make no mistake Kanu still remains the eternal leader of ipob and this fight is a collective and ipob alone can't win this fight many people supporting Kanu now are not ipob members, you must act fast, in Ambazonia their leader is in jail and the deputy is in control act fast now before another group breaks out of ipob, Kanu cant control from the DSS custody

 How Can You Control Ipob From The DSS Cell?

How do you control a freedom fighting organization where the DSS would be listening to the whole conversation between you and your lawyer and if you think the DSS is not listening in them you must be dumber than I thought, use your brain for once, Kanu must hand over power to Chika Edoziem, then Fulanis can't control anything anymore, did Mandela control ANC from prison?

 How Nnamdi Put Family First Instead Of Biafra

Don't let anyone fool you, kanuta broke the chain of command, and thank God that he is no longer in charge of ipob funds

Sit at home was a brilliant peaceful strategy that would result in zero deaths, but we saw nepotism play out where the family of the leader of the freedom fighting group chose family instead of the millions of Biafrans, Kanu knew what he signed up for and he knew the risks of freedom fighting and I tell you to back off now or risk an internal explosion

 Is Nnamdi Kanu Bigger Than Biafra?

We all saw the show of shame that happened yesterday, kanuta called of the sit at home and yes kanuta called it off not the dos lead by chika Edoziem stop blaming chika, the man tried his best 

We know people have died for this struggle including people close to the Nnamdi kanu, and this struggle should not be stopped because kanu is in prison, we love kanu but we must continue no stopping until we achieve freedom, all men are equal and the struggle is even bigger than ojukwu 

 Kanuta And Igbo Politicians Called Off The Sit At Home Not Chika Edoziem

If you don't know that kanuta was the person that called off the sit at home then you must be sleeping on a skateboard, wake up, stop blaming Chika Edoziem the man did nothing he tried to fight it but kanuta and his family controls Kanu's lawyer and anything they say Goes so keep waiting for command and control 

 Nnamdi Kanu's Family Back Off  The Biafran Struggle

We have seen how you use your personal and selfish interests to destroy a peaceful and brilliant strategy that would have made Igbo leaders see hell.

I won't say much and my words to you. BACK OFF THE BIAFRAN STRUGGLE

Your brother knew what he was in for when he started this struggle and Biafra is bigger than all of us and Kanu does not own Biafra, he might own ipob but not Biafra so you have been warned back off, we won't stop the struggle because Kanu is in prison, we must continue and your actions would make another group come out of ipob, BACK OFF Now or risk an internal explosion

Friday, August 13, 2021

 This Is Why Many Igbos Don't Support Biafra

Look we must start speaking out against this stuff and warn those government touts we don't want a Biafra like Nigeria we need to purge the Nigerian curse away from our head and the first place that would be cleaned in Biafra is Onitsha.

People would pay the taxes and the government would then create social programs to help the people, meanwhile, we need to chase these people away if they don't change and I expect ipob to take the lead on this one, these people can't be extorting out people and this is corruption, where is the money going? Who is taking this money? who are those people working for? ask questions

We need to start calling out people that are criminals now, I won't be a hypocrite, I would call everyone out even if you are from my village, speak out now we must not have another zoo in Biafra land, just look at the screenshot

 The Death Penalty Would Be Abolished In Biafra

I talked about how all DSS facilities in Biafra land would be turned into museums, so our kids can read and learn about the wickedness of man, we are treated like animals in so-called Nigeria, they detain you without taking you to court and that is impunity, in fact, I have also talked about my dreams for Biafra, every man must know his right and at every police-station, the Biafran government would have law offices at every station, and they would defend the people for free and nobody's right would be violated

We must model our country according to EU standards I know what you think we are still Africans we won't copy their treacherous characters, we would stand for humanity and not for oil.

We would build correctional facilities too and if you kill someone you would be placed in solitary confinement for life, in fact, an underground one and you would never see the sun, but your rights would still be respected. You would get books to read. we would build a crime-free society

Bokoharam  Surrender:Tactical Maneuver On The South East and SouthWest

If you think the commanders that are laying down their arms is normal well they are   paid millions of dollars and you think  it just happened out of the blue? The people controlling Boko haram want the Nigerian army to focus on the southeast and the southwest for now. Did you see the show of shame? They were laughing with placards, these people are terrorists and not freedom fighters, if you kill women and kids you are not a freedom fighter, you are a thug and a terrorist, and finally if you notice they release El Zakzarky, they have settled the Shia in the north so they can concentrate on the south, think deeply for once with your head.

Remember ex boro haram members have been recruited into the army before and even a high ranking army official said ex boro haram member can be president of Nigeria.I have studied the Fulanis and these moves that we are seeing is them securing all points, they want to kill more Igbos and Yorubas and then keep Nigeria one by force, interesting days ahead, Gods of our land would see is through

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Thursday, August 12, 2021

 We Would Have Fulani And Hausa Biafran citizens

The problem with this Biafran agitation is that many people think oh once we are free we would chase everyone from Biafra land, hell freaking no and someone like me won't stand for that nonsense, everyone would be welcomed in Biafra and even Hausa and Fulanis born in Biafra land would-be citizens because many of them have lived in Biafra land for over 30yrs so it would be cruel to deny them citizenship and everyone must obey our laws and you would be fine

So, people, the Biafran freedom does not mean ethnic cleansing, all tribes would still be in Biafra land and business would continue, but this time we would deal with each other others as equal and as countries and not a slave and master relationship and in Biafra, all men would be equal.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

 IPOB Need To Print Their Blueprint For Biafra And Share

As you know me I think strategically, we need to fight all the battles together, ipob need to set up a unit of volunteers in All states in Igbo land and their job is to go around Igbo land and then they be educating the people on the main reason why we must have our own country and this blueprint must be printed in Igbo and English, and they should be shared to the people and those people should go house to house like Jehovah witness and educate the people

Educate them, tell them about Biafra and why we need to be free for example we would have our own currency and our oil and gas money would be used for our states alone. This should be done fast so that the people can understand us better and why we want to be free

 My Take On No  Election In Anambra State

First, what would be the benefit of election in Anambra state? Would it bring or give us Biafra? Look at the pictures from Igbo land it looks like a zoo, these people that you have elected for years have done nothing but steal, Biafra would reset everything

If the people say no election in Igbo land or Anambra then I support it, who am I to go against the people and remember the majority of the people are ipob so I think we would win, the majority would win, but if the people say they want an election and they are the majority then so be it we would have an election

I believe we should start this madness from somewhere and if you ask me I believe we should scatter it all, let Buhari send the military and let the games begin we would go ambazonia on their head and cut oil the supply of oil and gas and then the UN would intervene and Biafra would come, no more 4yrs of scam, Fulani can impose another like hopeless of imo state if you have an election

 One Nigeria No Airports Or Seaports In Igbo Land For Over 50yrs

Look I won't mince words you people are wicked and you made the Igbos suffer for over 50yrs and now you blame us for asking for Biafra? No, you should take the blame because you did not do the right thing when you should have, na we travel pass and na we import pass, Nigeria una wicked and this is why God cursed you, Tueh!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

 Fulani killings : Do You Think We Can Come Back From This

The civil war happened and we managed to somehow move on but the Fulanis with their greed and nepotism gave birth to this renewed agitation if they had done the right thing after the war we won't be asking for Biafra, but with impunity, they use nepotism as a weapon, how do you explain not building any seaports or airport in the southeast for over 50yrs?

Do you really think we can go back and become one Nigeria after this or maybe you think that after the 2023 election if we would even have a country called Nigeria before then, like in 2023 Nigeria would magically get better and we would forget about the people that the Fulanis have killed, in the Internet age? I don't think so we can't come back from this stop pretending, Yoruba say we no fit go court and then come back and become friends

Useless  Article Written About  Operation Python  Dance In 2017 By An Igbo Man

let us ask  Mr Efulefu Cassidy Madueke to tell us how fa he wrote this article below in 2017, it would be nice to hear what he thinks  in 2021, please help me give some words of encouragement to this Otelectual

Cassidy Madueke wrote from Abuja. copied from the guardian newspaper

In Igboland, there is a saying that ‘‘what you do not know is bigger than you, just as it will continue to be beyond you until you experience it practically. This adage perfectly describes the combative strategy of IPOB and the Operation Python Dance set up by the Nigerian military to contain the activities and excesses of the agitating group which has been classified as a terrorist organisation by the Federal Government and proscribed by South East Governors. Investigation into the membership of IPOB shows that most of the young people, including its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who parade themselves as agitators spoiling for war were not born before or during the Nigerian civil war which lasted from 1967 to 1970. They have never experienced any war. The implication of this is that war or violence, to them, is like a fairy tale or what is seen in American movies. They still believe that stones, dane guns and wooden clubs are the best arms and armament to prosecute a war. Even if they know about military equipment, do they have the funds or sponsors to help them procure them?

The situation is made worse because the teaching of history has been expunged from the curriculum of Nigerian schools and most of the characters involved in IPOB have not bothered to read about Nigeria’s civil war, why and how it started, how it was won and lost and its impact on both Biafra, the Federal troops and Nigeria as a country. Suffice it to say that this was the same experience that led to the death of promising undergraduates of Igbo extraction in 1967 when Nigeria’s civil war commenced. They came out in their numbers in same manner and fashion as undergraduates from University of Nigeria, Nsukka to face federal troops with machetes, stones and wooden clubs not knowing what bullets in a single gun could do to tens of them. The result was the massive mowing down of the young men with the talents inherent in them. Fifty years after the war, its scars are still visible in homes, families and villages in the South East. Analyzing its support base, it has been observed that rational Igbos, including those from same village with IPOB leader, who experienced the civil war are not in favour of the push by the group which believes that war or secession is the solution for the marginalisation of the Igbos. They do not believe in dialogue which was the counsel of the Great Nnamdi Azikiwe of Africa to the then young Col. Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu as a better way to handle agitations before the break out of the civil war.

When the jungle of the civil war matured and Ojukwu realised that it had turned out to be a suicide mission, he had to seek the intervention of the Great Zik to find a soft landing for Biafra. After several negotiations that did not produce desired results, the old man had to leave for London for his safety. It was a matter of time before Ojukwu fled. At that time the push had come to shove. But then, those who did not have anywhere to run to, and those who had places to run to, but did not have the means to do so, resigned to fate to either survive the war or pay the supreme prize.

The war left in its wake colossal damage to property, just as thousands of lives were lost. It will be recalled that before his demise, Ojukwu described the war as a mistake and that such incident should not happen again. According to him, if Nigeria finds itself in another civil war, it means the people who died between 1967 and 1970 died in vain. NTA still plays the recording up till today.

By and large, history has a way of repeating itself in the sense that it took a show of force by the Nigerian army driving and brandishing military vehicles and armoured tanks in Nnamdi Kanu’s village in Umuahia, Abia State, for him to be silenced. This is an indication that the man was not prepared for the action he has been propagating and the threats he had been making. If he was really ready to die for the course as he claims why did he go into hiding since the military show of force happened.

It should also not be forgotten that a chunk of his followers have paid the supreme prize during confrontations with security agencies at different times. This is unlike Ojukwu who stayed and fought till almost the end of the civil war before fleeing. The situation on hand now is that Kanu is no-where to be found even when the real deal as he speculated has not started. The general impression is that the captain has abandoned his ship and that the leadership of IPOB is now in question. The lesson for the Federal Government on the experience of Python Dance is that security agencies should do everything possible to stop whoever and whatever that would lead to further bloodshed in any part of the country since military show of force has had maximum impact. Further interventions should also be done more professionally, since it has become obvious that agitators have not acquired weapons.  Since the military in the South East zone now aims at reducing criminal activities which include kidnappings, Operation Python Dance should ensure that the rights, privileges, value , due respect and protection of lives and properties of citizens/residents of the zone are not undermined in any way.

It has become obvious that God Almighty in his infinite mercy brought many tribes and races together to form one nation. It therefore behoves that the virtues of mutual respect and not mutual suspicion should be the order of the day. Dialogue and not violence should be embraced as a means of seeking solution to national challenges. After all, it still takes round table discussions to end a war even though the difference is that so much destruction would have taken before such meetings are convened.

From the foregoing, it has become imperative to reintroduce History as a subject in Nigerian schools so that young people will be thought about the Nigerian civil war and why such incidents should be avoided. It is the prayer of all Nigerians of goodwill that God averts any incident that will lead to further bloodshed in Nigeria.

IPOB: When You Create Something Unstoppable

I was thinking about this now Nnamdi Kanu and his friends created something bigger than all of them, 1967 is motivation and Biafra land is the destination, I always say it Biafra is bigger than Ojukwu and Kanu put together, how do I explain this, this Biafran agitation now is like an avalanche Falling from the mountains, clear or you be cleared, just look at the saga between Kanuta and we the people, the people won and this is to show that this train can not be derailed, this agitation would lead to Biafran freedom.

 I don't see us coming back from this and become friends with the Fulanis again like nothing happened, would people forget python dance easily, the war criminal even mocked Igbos with the name of his operation, we all know python swallows things up, so the war criminal Magu already declared war against people carrying flags

The only thing that can stop this agitation is for the UN to accept Biafra into the UN and let all countries of the world recognize us as a new country because at this point even an Igbo presidency won't stop this agitation, I always say it if you like make Peter obi president we would still ask for Biafra, no going back

 Fulanis Are Not Ready To Fix Nigeria

A smart tribe would have started restructuring Nigeria but the fulani tribe in Nigeria are greedy, selfish and pompous and their greed destroyed and separated Nigeria, they have proved to us  that they don't give a damn and they use the army to kill and arrest anyone that opposes them

They are still bold to spit in our faces and say they developed the oil industry with groundnut money and they own the oil in the south, any one with brains should think, they destroyed Nigeria not Kanu or Sunday

Monday, August 9, 2021

How Politics Divided The 2 Greatest Tribes Of  Africa,

First I would say, why did we allow this to happen? Men and Greed for power, I was listening to Phyno and Olamide.father father song, and that song was a master piece from the 2 greatest tribes in Africa, show me Igbo/Fulani collabo way sweet like dat, or yoruba and fulani collabo,igbos and yorubas are one,what went wrong?listen to the song it is the best of both worlds, we click,we deserve seperate countries,these people are killing our talents,imagine what we can do without getting the Fulanis permission?men, i am tired,i dont know about you but i am done with this slavery.I am just saying the truth for how long do we need to wait? we waited for over 50yrs already? how many more years do you need?

 imagine how much ondo state can make from cannabis tourism? billions, oh please una oga America it is legal in almost all their states and they make billions of dollars, same white men that told you it was bad, wake up, imagine what we can do with crypto? in fact we go day competition, both countries would grow faster no Fulani to tell us what to do, even Yoruba  Muslims no carry religion for head like the ones up north, at least a Yoruba imam can leader prayers in  Yoruba nation, I have many of them as friends.

how did these people from mali manage to turn us against each other,damn igbos and yorubas are fools,i am glad that our eyes are open now,no going back we must be free from this slavery,igbos, and yorubas are brothers from another mother,we have broken the Fulani voodoo,didn't you see how they were crying about the historic meeting at going back

who would have thought that Igbos and Yoruba would be working together today? we are going to overcome the little independence struggle,awo was right when he said igbos and yorubas will work together

 I never knew we had this kind of war going on, I was thinking it was Igbos against everyone, I didn't know even those that hate Igbos don't even love each other, Nigeria is a time bomb for real, happy niger delta republic, only Igbos can unite and ensure peace in the niger delta

Urgent  To Message To DOS: IPOB Must Not Be Like MASSOB

We don't need to use kind of headline saying ipob destroyed shops

I would make this short and simple maybe you guys  would listen I am not a member of ipob so I can talk freely, I am a Pro ipob and I fully support Nnamdi Kanu, only a fool learns from how own mistakes, ipob should learn about what led to the downfall of Uwazurike and Massob

Our people must not be sacred of ipob and esn, if they are scared of you, then all this would be in vain, dos need highly disciplined officers that can talk to the people, the people should not close their doors when they hear ipob or esn

I am still angry at the video I saw where the sit at home enforcer was seen throwing away a woman's food, that man that did that must be sanctioned and warned never to try such ever again if you find someone outside educate him and talk to him calmly, don't damage anyone's goods, we must not be like the ZOO

 Why Ipob Must Compensate The Woman That Her Food Was Destroyed

I saw this video where this woman's food was destroyed and someone needs to confirm the video

Look I will make this simple and short the DOS must make sure they have disciplined MEN enforcing the lockdown, don't throw peoples goods away, and don't burn down anything, we must not behave like the zoo and we must not give our enemies more bullets

We must allow the people to be scared of us,ipob should investigate the video below and compensate the woman Asap, no stories, we are fighting for the people and not against the people, I know we are angry but please this should not repeat its self again, do not destroy people's properties again. We must not be the Nigerian monster that we are running away from, You fools should stop giving the zoo points, Fine if the property belongs to the zoo take it down

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Twitter One Nigeria Efulefu Disgraced By Kayode Says Nigeria Is Going Nowhere

I don't understand these people and you must know that most of them are on Twitter for adverts, look at this boy saying Nigeria is going nowhere and then look at the other tweet he said Nigeria has failed, I don't get it, is the boy pretending to be slow or he is truly slow, come on anyone can speak English on Twitter, all it takes is for you to carefully construct it, English does not equate to having something inside your you think we can be one after all thee killings?

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Ipob Must Pay Compensation To That Food Vendor And Apologize

Ipob should quickly apologize to her publicly as this would build trust and confidence, what is going on in ipob, do you want the people to be scared of us? pay compensation to that woman now because she could even be my mother, pay her and apologize and she won't come out next week Monday, I don't know the kind of Biafra you want, for me, I want a Biafra that would be different from Nigeria, our people should not be scared of us, do the needful now and fast

 Twitter Efulefu Mocked For Threatening To Block Someone With A Different Opinion

This little one Nigeria boy I don't even know if he is Igbo, the anuman blocked me because I have a different opinion and this is why I hate Twitter and I prefer nairaland, at least for nairaland na mods day do anyhow, but on Twitter, you can't even talk and the fool would block you, they are hypocrites, if na buhari block them now we go day scream dictatorship, People with followers on Twitter always feel that they can talk anyhow and you can't respond to their stupidity, but they forget that jack can suspend them, this is why I love forums, all men are equal. and the worse part is that the bloody hypocrite actually insulted someone but when they dished it back to him, he started crying like a Chihuahua

Tinubu Surgery: Lagos The So-Called Mega-City With No Mega-Hospital

I was reading about Tinubu a former governor of Lagos state and the present owner of Lagos state the so-called megacity, come off it, Tinubu owns Lagos for now and the present governor of Lagos state is his puppet

The news says Tinubu undergoes a second surgery and note this is not in his megacity Lagos, but in France and the UK and I ask are black people cursed? Why do we get this kind of leaders? And the worse part is  that you still see people supporting this man, well if people can support Buhari after destroying Nigeria then I am not surprised about Tinubu

Tueh! Shame on all of you from Tinubu to the ones in my region the southeast, shame on all of you fools that can't even invest in a world-class hospital

Look at the dullard always running to the UK for treatment, how hard can it be to set up a world-class hospital in Nigeria?

You saw the corrupt baboon orji uzor kalu he had his surgery in Germany and he was governor of his state, why didn't he build a world-class hospital in Abia? All they know how to do is loot, they have nothing inside their brains

Shame on Lagos state a mega city without a mega-hospital, shame shame shame.. Shameeeeee

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 German News Shows Us The Biafran Map True Or False

This map is real and True about Biafra but the present situation means that we must use our brains, we as Igbos can't annex any more land except the ones that belong to us, we must take back our land in Rivers and we must collect Compensation for abandoned properties.

I still support 5 Igbo States for now and we can come back for our brothers in Rivers and our brothers in delta as well and any other tribe is free to join Biafra like the Esan and Urhobo and they can also form their own country if they want to and take your ranting to the German News and not me

Igbos would support an Ijaw nation or the Ijaw Republic in Bayelsa

Master Prophet Prays For Ijele

Ijele the guy working for the Fulanis and ex ipob members like obidi obienu,master prophet was seen praying for ijele

 Biafra: Why Chika Edoziem Must Be Careful And Vigilant

Before Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped I wrote about it here warning him to be careful and vigilant and we must understand that freedom fighting is not a joke and the enemy can do anything, this is some spy ish. You must be at alert at all times, have you not seen how rogue states take out their enemies abroad? 

So I appeal to Mazi Chika Edoziem not to travel to any country unless he is going to the UN when invited soon, you must be at alert at all times and limit your public appearance, you have the mantle of leadership now and you just act like a leader and make sure you know who you trust about any of your plans, please share maybe he would see it

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Why Ipob Must Use Crypto Currency Part 2

I have talked about this here and it didn't really get much response but I must tell you that we must blend in and go digital, lots of street home boys would want to donate to the cause even if they are not active, people can use their phone and send coins and every other thing would-be going very fast, there are safe ways to do it and do it right

We need something that would be easy for  everyone around the world to tap into and donate and people that want to donate anonymously  can donate we are not committing any crime, we have the right to self-determination, we are not killing anyone

I hope the DOS of ipob can take note and work on this you need to go digital, this is 2021, I have some other suggestions I would send it privately.

 Open Letter To Christians In The North

This would be short and simple, I was looking at the picture below the Borno state government demolished a church and the Christians still stayed in the demolished building one person was killed

Christians in the North should join the middle belt and the ones in Borno and the core North should join the Christian States and buy land there and live your lives, you can never do anything in Borno, you would be slaves there, join the middle belt Republic and buy land in any of the states there

I feel for you but my hands are tied Nigeria can never work and we want Biafra, you are free to settle in Biafra if you want, I just want you to know that we feel your pain and we are with you and we are against this systematic genocide going on against Christians in northern Nigeria

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

Sunday, August 8, 2021

 Debate: Ijaw Boy Say They Used To Own Ikorodu

I don't know much about this and no insults of you know alot about this issue tell us

One Nigeria: Is It By Force To Live With One Another

I saw a guys comment and I was shocked, is it really by Force live in the same country, look at India and Pakistan, one is Hindu and one is Muslim, why are Nigerians refusing to support Biafra, it is the right thing to do, Igbos are oppressed in Nigeria and I would prove it to you, for the past 50yrs we have no seaports or airports, the Igbo man that is known as a tribe that travels all over the world and we do not have any international airport in the region, Igbos have to suffer and travel down to Lagos or Abuja, that alone is the reason why we should not be together if you like build one now, you failed already, just look at the guy's comments 

 My Prayer For Anambra Airport International Airport 

I was reading about the Anambra airport and it is a wonderful project if they would do exactly what I am reading here and not cut corners, it would be a masterpiece, it is just that the rich Igbos don't like investing in Igbo land, they could build something that would trend for months, they have the money

I know obiano is leaving soon and I hope the person coming in would follow up and not try to hinder the project

 Yoruba Nation: We Want To See A Yoruba Version Of ESN

Na elders talk say if you use one hand beat pikin use another one draw am back, which simply means the carrot and the stick, you can't allow the Fulanis to kill more people in Yoruba land, they are watching and waiting for the outcome of the brave warrior's case Sunday Igboho before they can continue their madness, I know them I have studied them, didn't you see what happened In Enugu now that they have kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu

The world can't wait to see the unveiling of a Yoruba version of ESN, amotekun can't really get the job done, did you see who they made their ambassador, Gani Adams, the man is a politician, freedom fighters should not be politicians or even think like them, politicians don't want Nigeria to break, this is their bread and butter as long as the rest keep on suffering

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

Ghost Town: The Next Step Is Holding Your Senators And Reps Responsible

After the ghost town, the next step is holding your senators and reps responsible we want to hear them talk about the killings in Igbo land and the release of Nnamdi Kanu, we put them there and why are they not speaking for us? We didn't see orji uzo kalu come out to condemn the Enugu killing a few days ago,

Go and protest in front of the houses of your senators and reps that is what they do in civilized countries, protest there until they do the right thing or you recall them, we must act democratically now and fast and the law allows you to recall them, they need to feel the heat, go and protest in front of the Palace of obi of Onitsha

 When Are We Going To Protest In Front Of  The Palace Of Obi Of Onitsha

Come on don't pretend like you don't know that obi if a part of the cabal that has sold us to the Fulanis and now is the time. To start protesting, peaceful protest and no violence and it should be done without stopping, he must go to Abuja and talk to Buhari, they are friends, tell him to withdraw the army and stop the Fulani killings and release Nnamdi Kanu, or is the king not supposed to be doing what is best for his people? who is the obi of Onitsha working for Igbos or Fulanis? start protesting in front of the palace of your ezes and igwes

 Who Are The Igbo Senators And Reps Working For

Igbos should learn to recall those useless Igbo senators and reps, recall those fools, they are useless the law allows you to recall them, for the governors you know many of them Use force to win the second term and elections are not truly free and fair. what is Stella doing there? Fulani is on her neck with efcc so she can't do anything for the people, why do we elect people who go there to make money?

These people are not working for the people that put them in there, I don't understand it at all and this is why democracy is a scam, you are supposed to be working for us and you are supposed to be doing what we want you to do for our own interest, a Fulani senator can't put an Igbo man first

 Nnamdi Kanu: As We Begin Biafran Ghost Town Tomorrow

I wrote about it saying the Biafran conflict is going the Ambazonia way and this marks a very important chapter in this biafran war of independence and if you follow the Ambazonia war of independence you would remember how it all started from ghost towns to what we have today and I would tell the people meant to enforce this to make sure the property of our people are not touched, I repeat the businesses and the livelihood of our people must be protected and anyone found stealing or trying to loot would have themselves to be blame we would not tolerate any form of indiscipline

We are freedom fighters and not terrorists and we can't and we would never terrorize our own people, the Fulanis have terrorized us enough already, and everyone's rights must be respected, if you find someone outside talk to him calming to go back inside and do not use any form of force or intimidation, talk to the person and make him see reasons, the people must not be afraid of us because we are fighting this battle for them so they must know that the Fulanis are the enemies and not u, win souls like the Christians do

Biafra: Clash With Kanuta Shows Ipob Won't Take Nonsense

I laugh when people say Kanu would be an emperor in Biafra and I say you don't know my people the Igbos, study them like I have studied the Fulanis, Igbos don't take nonsense, when they come for you trust me you would be like poo to them and they have cursed you by then

Look at the saga going on between Kanu's younger brother kanuta and the dos of ipob, I followed comments online and people are not finding it funny with kanuta, Igbos don't care if you are ojukwus son of Kanus brother we are all equal.

This is why I love my people, we are democratic, Igbos are telling kanuta to back down and ipob is not a family business and I agree because I am against nepotism, everyone should respect his or her rank except you want to plan a coup if kanuta is the head of the dos then he can give orders but of chika is the next person in charge then so be it, Kanu's place in ipob can never be taken away or replaced he would forever remain the eternal leader and the founder of ipob,a force on the face of planet earth 

These issues are just the  beauty of democracy in an organization and this shows the people are still thinking for themselves, Igbos are Republicans, so enemies don't laugh yet this is normal in every democratic setting

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Rudy Rochman Exposes The Dss Criminality

Watch the video and see what the DSS put Rudy Rochman and his friends through and this is what they put Nigerians through as well, they Disobey the law and it is a shame and shame on the DSS and now you understand what Igbos are going through in Nigeria, they should remember Gaddafi did more than this

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Nigeria Kills The Brains Of Our kids

I won't even type too much, imagine a country where you don't have 24/7 electricity, data is expensive, your kids can't watch stuff for kids on YouTube and I don't mean cartoons, educative stuff, trust me they help, you would be surprised when your kids are telling you about planet Mars and everything about it. This is why kids in countries with cheap Internet and electricity have access to a lot, by 7 they can develop apps and do lots of stuff

The Nigerian system destroys the kids, only the rich have access, in Nigeria, the poor are more, few people are the ones stealing the wealth of the country

Electricity is life and you won't understand as a Nigerian unless you have lived outside Nigeria before then you would understand that it is a big deal and this is my only point, if you can't give me 24/7 electricity after 60yrs then you have failed I can't give you any more additional years we must go our separate ways so our kids can enjoy the basic things of life, they want to build a pipeline from Warri to Algeria and then to Europe but they can't send water to our houses

During the pandemic kids in countries with a good public school system were receiving lectures at home online, can you say the same for the public schools in Nigeria? This is why when some people leave Nigeria they excel, the country kills the people, imagine sleeping in a hot room overnight because you have no light, I swear Nigerians Una Don normalize suffering, electricity is life

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Nigerians have Normalized Suffering

It is abnormal not to have 24/7 electricity and yes it is a big deal your country has lost a lot of businesses to Ghana because of your epileptic electrical supply so in order words you gave jobs to Ghana.

Sleeping in a hot room overnight is not normal please, imagine how people suffer and I pity those that live in one room in Nigeria, no light and you have to sweat like Christmas chicken overnight, lol,Nigeria cant even make solar cheaper for the people

Buying one small yam for 5k is not normal, Fulanis are killing farmers and nobody is going to their farms

This is the main reason I have for supporting the break up of this geographical expression, if you can't give me electricity after 60yrs then I can't give you any more time, I am done and I want my own country, do you want me to give you another 60yrs? Hell freaking no

 They Say Kanu's Biafra Would Be Like North Korea

First of all, shut up there, Kanu does not have a Biafra and I always tell you fools, Biafra is bigger than Kanu and even ojukwu, Kanu, Uwazurike and ojukwu are servants of Biafra and I laugh when people say Kanu's Biafra, look I have told you fools if I see any or even smell dictatorship in Biafra I would steal an armoured tank and take out the presidential Palace, we must not be like Nigeria

You, people, don't know Igbos, we are supporting Kanu how but if Kanu mess up we would throw him off a building, do you see how Igbos are treating Uwazurike now? It should show you that we don't  take nonsense, nobody can become Kim Jon un in Biafra try it and let's see

So your distracting won't stop us from supporting Nnamdi Kanu because I don't see anyone else fighting for Biafra

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

Biafra: I Am Impressed With This Ijaw Man We Need More Of  Him

This is straightforward and simple, Ijaws we can't be running from a forced marriage and join another, I saw a post by an Ijaw man and I was impressed, I would say it now, Igbos want Ijaws to have their own country, Ijaw Republic, I am smart to know that Ijaws and Igbos can't live in one country, and Ijaws must act because I know other tribes won't hesitate to sign a deal with Igbos and we would move on, Igbos want everyone to be free and someone like me can't even stand oppression, we can't be like Nigeria, so to me Biafra means freedom for everyone and the Fulanis know this, if Igbos leave no other tribe would stay in the zoo, all the zoo animals would leave the zoo, Igbos have oil and we don't need any oil in Ijaw land this is 2021, there is what we would start calling international law. everyone would respect each other boundaries, may the Lord continue to give wisdom to rapheal ebidinana ebisin and God bless him

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Ruona Meyer Vs Aloy Chife: All Contracts Need To Be Exposed

All you Igbo men that have joined Nigeria to milk the people dry would be exposed all contracts that you got through nepotism would be exposed and you would be tried and jailed, no statute of limitations for you corrupt fools. nepotism must be illegal in Biafra and 10yrs in prison if you are found guilty

I was reading about the story that was exposed by the journalists Ruona Meyer how an Igbo man Aloy Chife got government contracts through nepotism and how they have made billions

Look I don't support no corrupt Igbo fool and I challenged this same man called Aloy Chife when he was praising Cubana I was surprised that a man with white hair could be encouraging nonsense little did I know that he is a thief, sue me. these people are crooks

I am that Igbo man that won't support nonsense we must get it right in Biafra, these corrupt fools must be tried and jailed and I told you they are responsible for this mess that we are going through, imagine making 1knaira for millions of Nigerians, they are criminals, we must speak out against our corrupt tribe, don't shield anyone.

Don't support a corrupt man because he is Igbo, speak out because na we the poor day suffer, Mr Aloy they lounge for usa with una money.mumu

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Kayode Ogundamisi Embarrass A One Nigeria Igbo Boy  On Twitter 

That chxta was the first to castigate Nnamdi Kanu when he was arrested, he insulted Kanu and even said Kanu is finished and just look at how a known Tinubu thug embarrassed him. That chxta boy is cursed

 Druze chases Hezbollah: Stops Them from Launching Rockets From Their Area

This is how southerners and Middlebeltans must chase the Fulani army they should not use your state as a base to attack and kill innocent civilians, you all saw the Aljazeera news report, they have killed and secretly buried Igbos, DONT ALLOW THEM USE YOUR STATE TO KILL YOUR PEOPLE.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

 Fulani Killings:I Salute  The Men That Set Up ESN

Kanu is a genius I give it to him and the people that he worked with to set up ESN. I know that he is not perfect and I criticize him if I need to, look for every action there is a reaction and this is the problem with the black man, they blame Nnamdi Kanu for setting up ESN to protect his people, but they forget one thing it was the marauders from the Sahel that started killing our mother's, brothers and sisters, oh you want Kanu to wait until we turn into Benue, you see them all shouting and speaking English online but can't even protect their own people

I salute the people that worked with Kanu to set up ESN, they are highly disciplined, these ones are not militants these are freedom fighters and this is a liberation movement, just look at what happened in my home state Enugu a few days ago, they killed my people and no governor is doing anything and you blame Kanu for setting ESN, chineke kpo gi oku, Ogun deal with you there, I won't be politically correct at all this is genocide and the world is doing nothing.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is solely the responsibility of the writer, The image is taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain. If this breaches the copyrighted material, kindly note that the break of the copyright is not intentional and non-commercial. It  will be Taken Down On Request

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