Saturday, August 14, 2021

 Are You Insane: Who Cancels A Sit At Home?

Maka Chukwu what is wrong with you fools? It is called sit at home the best and effective and the safest method of freedom fighting and you would record zero deaths, we are sitting at home for goodness sakes and we are not confronting the zoo army

Don't tell me about the economy because you have none, what you have is garbage, your region looks like a zoo, your South Eastern leaders have destroyed the place, they did nothing, just look at the bridge that the fool obiano built, the fool has a house in America and let's ask him is that the way it is done in the USA, I don't have any leaders they are your leaders not mine, they have failed, no second chances from me, I am not stupid, don't let them tell you any story, they failed all of them, on the economic front and the social front and even infrastructural front they failed, zero

We have no seaports and airports and you are telling me about the economy

Exams I know how it is but it is useless there must be sacrifices if we are fighting for freedom

I know deals would be made but not on Biafra and it was probably linked our brothers and sisters that had been in jail since 2020, we are happy for them, but we had all the cards and we should be the ones making the demands, if we continue the sit at home we would have the bargaining power and all of them would come begging

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