Sunday, August 8, 2021

Biafra: Clash With Kanuta Shows Ipob Won't Take Nonsense

I laugh when people say Kanu would be an emperor in Biafra and I say you don't know my people the Igbos, study them like I have studied the Fulanis, Igbos don't take nonsense, when they come for you trust me you would be like poo to them and they have cursed you by then

Look at the saga going on between Kanu's younger brother kanuta and the dos of ipob, I followed comments online and people are not finding it funny with kanuta, Igbos don't care if you are ojukwus son of Kanus brother we are all equal.

This is why I love my people, we are democratic, Igbos are telling kanuta to back down and ipob is not a family business and I agree because I am against nepotism, everyone should respect his or her rank except you want to plan a coup if kanuta is the head of the dos then he can give orders but of chika is the next person in charge then so be it, Kanu's place in ipob can never be taken away or replaced he would forever remain the eternal leader and the founder of ipob,a force on the face of planet earth 

These issues are just the  beauty of democracy in an organization and this shows the people are still thinking for themselves, Igbos are Republicans, so enemies don't laugh yet this is normal in every democratic setting

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