Sunday, August 8, 2021

Biafra: I Am Impressed With This Ijaw Man We Need More Of  Him

This is straightforward and simple, Ijaws we can't be running from a forced marriage and join another, I saw a post by an Ijaw man and I was impressed, I would say it now, Igbos want Ijaws to have their own country, Ijaw Republic, I am smart to know that Ijaws and Igbos can't live in one country, and Ijaws must act because I know other tribes won't hesitate to sign a deal with Igbos and we would move on, Igbos want everyone to be free and someone like me can't even stand oppression, we can't be like Nigeria, so to me Biafra means freedom for everyone and the Fulanis know this, if Igbos leave no other tribe would stay in the zoo, all the zoo animals would leave the zoo, Igbos have oil and we don't need any oil in Ijaw land this is 2021, there is what we would start calling international law. everyone would respect each other boundaries, may the Lord continue to give wisdom to rapheal ebidinana ebisin and God bless him

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