Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 Biafran  Freedom Struggle: Why Ipob Must Restructure Now

You know Nigeria is not the only organization that needs restructuring and I call Nigerian an organization because this is not a country or nation and not that I actually even believe in Restructuring because the Fulanis would never do it, I support total balkanization and freedom

The only issue I have with ipob is command and control that's all, I want ipob to have a deputy and a 3rd in command and I wrote about it here telling us why Kanu should appoint a deputy and this was before Kanu was kidnapped. but ipob needs to apply their command and control now if they want, but it won't work if you try to use it to shut people up when they can clearly see mismanagement of funds.

Ipob should have a deputy, And a 3rd in command and minister of defense and a deputy minister of defense, all posts in ipob should be headed by 2 people because in this free fighting struggle anything can happen and I wrote here before Kanu was kidnapped warning him to be careful, I predicted what happened, if only my articles are taken very seriously by ipob, no advice should be discarded.

Finance we all see the show of shame going on and as a pro ipob guy, I am ashamed but I will keep on supporting Nnamdi Kanu and I will keep on defending ipob because they are the only ones fighting for Biafra now. One person should not be allowed to run the accounts of ipob. It should be run by 3 people and nobody would be able to access the account unless the 3 people are present. Freedom fighting is military what if the woman handling the account is kidnapped by Buhari? Look I wrote about it here saying ipob lack strategists, we need critical thinkers, we need people that can imagine the impossible that can actually happen.

Ipob officers. We know many people have sacrificed for the struggle and many are still  sacrificing, ipob positions should be given based on merit and not by how close you are to Nnamdi Kanu or his brother Kanuta and positions should be divided across Biafran tribes, those tribes that are serious about Biafra and there should be checks and balances and anyone that messes up would be removed from his post by a vote and don't blame me I believe in a  free and  fair democratic process, we must not be like Nigeria, I talked about 2 ladies that I nominate for coordinators here because I think they deserve it, please it does not matter if you joined ipob in 2000, what really matters is if you can deliver make no mistake old members won't be pushed aside but we must do things based on merit 

Advise Department, Ipob should have a department where all advice from people would be looked at and credit must be given to the person that gave the advice we Don't want anyone stealing anyone's ideas and in Biafra, a medal would be presented to such individual, for example, I have tonnes of ideas but I don't have the proper channel to send it to, no advice should be rejected, they must look at it very well.

Anti-Corruption Department, Ipob should have this department and these guys would be in charge of tackling corruption in ipob, you can't be diverting money meant for our ESN warriors in the Bush, this department is very very important so that all rumors about this money issues would not even happen, anybody found guilty of corruption would be demoted and removed from that post after a fair hearing and not them say kind of hearing.

Diaspora Coordinators each country abroad should not all have Igbo coordinators and I wrote about it here telling ipob if you want other tribes in Biafra them we must all be equal, for me I still want an all Igbo Biafra and other tribes can form their own country, this guy from coastal TV should be made a coordinator or he should be given an ipob post.

Ipob freedom fighting organization should be made unattractive money-wise, nobody should be given a salary more than $100, but logistics and other things should always be taken care of 

ESN warriors should be paid more money, yes they are not mercenaries but they should not lack, all protective gears should be provided for them and I wrote here saying ipob should set up a trust fund for our fallen hero's and they should set up funds to make sure lawyers see people jailed by the zoo, all man must be equal, they should get lawyers the same way Kanu is getting lawyers.

Everything I am writing is because I want the best for ipob and for biafra and I am not even a member and read about my dreams for Biafra here so you would understand me better, I hope ipob can restructure so that there can be peace because ipob members are saying ipob is not a family business and Kanuta can't make decisions for ipob , if properly restructured all this won't happen, I hope the DOS can debate on this and talk to Nnamdi Kanu about it.UDO

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