Wednesday, July 28, 2021

 Biafran Struggle: IPOB Emotional Song For Nnamdi Kanu

I just started following a Biafran lady and she is fire, she takes her struggle to another level, tears are dripping down my eyes while typing this and it's for real.

As I was listening to the lovely song she is playing about Nnamdi Kanu and it was so emotional those were the voices of our mothers singing for Nnamdi Kanu, it was so cool and I am not even a member of ipob, I feel the song, don't hate Kanu, he just speaks the truth even if you don't agree with his more direct approach of handling things.

You can't hate Nnamdi Kanu, if you follow my write-ups, I always say the gods of the land are with Nnamdi Kanu and he is the chosen one and I said when the gods leave him we would know but for now the gods are with him.

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