Friday, August 13, 2021

Bokoharam  Surrender:Tactical Maneuver On The South East and SouthWest

If you think the commanders that are laying down their arms is normal well they are   paid millions of dollars and you think  it just happened out of the blue? The people controlling Boko haram want the Nigerian army to focus on the southeast and the southwest for now. Did you see the show of shame? They were laughing with placards, these people are terrorists and not freedom fighters, if you kill women and kids you are not a freedom fighter, you are a thug and a terrorist, and finally if you notice they release El Zakzarky, they have settled the Shia in the north so they can concentrate on the south, think deeply for once with your head.

Remember ex boro haram members have been recruited into the army before and even a high ranking army official said ex boro haram member can be president of Nigeria.I have studied the Fulanis and these moves that we are seeing is them securing all points, they want to kill more Igbos and Yorubas and then keep Nigeria one by force, interesting days ahead, Gods of our land would see is through

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