Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Chris Hani: Why Simon Ekpa Must Be Careful And Vigilant

I am just sitting here watching Chris Hani while meditating on Biafra and the problems of the zoo and I was also thinking of Ipob leadership issues, it is not a tussle yet. as I wrote in May 2021 here https://www.biafranboys.org/kanu-must-be-careful-and-vigilant warning Nnamdi Kanu to be careful and vigilant before he was kidnapped in Kenya, I would also warn Simon Ekpa to be careful and vigilant because freedom fighting is not a joke and he is no longer a Finnish politician, he is also a Biafran freedom fighter, I know Finland is a real democratic country but he still needs to be careful, watch the video about Chris Hani of South Africa the most popular man in South Africa after Nelson Mandela

If Simon is prayerful or if he believes in our African tradition he should hold it tight because spiritual attack is already on the way, I know how men are greedy and hungry for power, I was smart when I said the dos should be rotational, it should not be a life office but because men are greedy they would never want to leave the dos

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